Galaxy S8 Could Beat BlackBerry Key1 with Samsung Galaxy Keyboard cover?


Hi, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Galaxy S8 and S8+ Could Beat BlackBerry Keyone with Samsung Galaxy Keyboard cover? Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + have the attention of mobile phone enthusiasts thanks to the beautiful design and infinity performance high-ratios screen. However, if you’re both for the Samsung Galaxy S8 devices, you are very likely to be protective about your phone and that is where the cases come and cover in the picture. You can choose from a range of different types available, while a special case has attracted our attention.

keybord cover

The Samsung Galaxy Keyboard Cover is definitely serving as a physical snap-on keyboard for Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones while appealing in all black colors, appealing in terms of design. Made of polycarbonate, shell protects the device against accidental damage. On the snap-on to start the keyboard bus, there is no need to call on the phone, nor to connect to any port on the power source. We’re putting about to use the smartphone’s sensor keyboard about what’s really nothing.

Keyboard Cover On Samsung Galaxy S8 Is The Risk For Blackberry KeyOne? To keep things perspective, the Galaxy Keyboard Cover is an external one with a relatively large screen size, the Galaxy S8 devices and the other is a minor built for Samsung smartphone. The product is targeted at those who miss a physical QWERTY keyboard on their smartphones at the moment.

While Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + are already being reported as the best smartphones ever made, the add-on keyboard accessory has already added head-to-top Blackberry can put together. To recall, Blackberry filed an IP suit for sale of smartphone keyboards in a year against the Typo of Ryan Seacrest 2015 attachment.

Samsung Galaxy Keyboard cover

The QWERTY keyboard has been a specialty of BlackBerry smartphones for all these years, and the company recently launched the BlackBerry KeyOne Android smartphone proud of its flagship trademark QWERTY keyboard. The Blackberry fans have been overwhelmed by the return of the QWERTY smartphone on what is built in the house by the previous device company.

A typo was sold by the company as an attachment for iPhone users, who looked for the physical QWERTY keyboard. According to the Wall Street Journal, Blackberry won the lawsuit and had to stop selling typo smartphones. Why a lawsuit? Typo keyboard has shared a lot of similarity with QWERTY keyboard seen on BlackBerry smartphones.

Having more than just a QWERTY keyboard attachment, typo trademark blackberry keyboard makes almost identical design concepts, thus inviting an intellectual property rights lawsuit. Blackberry, before representing its logic, the U.S. District Court claimed that Typo’s “Blackberry Keyboard’s Strong Copy” presents an imminent threat to Blackberry as an irreparable loss and that the threat is with the significant market power of the iPhone Has been enhanced in combination. ”

Obviously, Samsung Galaxy Keyboard Covers does not carry design concepts from the iconic Blackberry keyboard, besides being a QWERTY keyboard. However, this still can be a threat blackberry still. With this, BlackBerry customers are more likely to start using a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and still have a QWERTY keyboard in place.

The Samsung Galaxy Keyboard Cover comes at $ 59.99 (about Rs 3,850 crore). The company has introduced a special offer for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + plus users, offering 30 percent discount, effective cost down to $ 42 (about Rs 2,700 crore) to bring down.

Launched At MWC 2016

We know, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone at the MWC 2016. The South Korean company also exhibited accessories for the new high-end Galaxy smartphone, with many notable offerings including keyboard cover and backpack. Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have not disclosed the pricing or availability details for any of the accessories so far.

Accessories revealed by Samsung include some keyboard cover, which offers physical QWERTY keyboards like BlackBerry for consumers.

The keyboard cover connects to the handset at the bottom half and provides the physical keyboard just below the screen. Once enclosed, the smartphone automatically detects the keyboard cover and adapts to the accessory. The company introduced the keyboard cover for its other high-end smartphones, as well as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + and Galaxy Note 5.


Another algorithm has been announced, which is a backpack that extends the battery life of devices. The company says that Backpack has designed “Accurate” for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. A power status indicator will tell users how far the fee has been left. S View cover, on the other hand, is a matte case that comes with a cover. With S on View Cover On, a custom screen can also be received with closed display users, which allow responding to calls, enables music to play and also clicks photos.

keybord cover

Clear cover provides silhouette content while clear visual cover allows users to make some swipe on the transparent cover, and then allows a variety of tasks such as taking calls and controlling music. LED view cover provides information about phone calls or alarms via LED lights. Flip Wallet provides flip cover while the leather cover provides a firm grip

The company has also announced the wireless charger for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Smartphone. For the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, the company has detected the battery capacity of 5100 mAh and 10200 mAh battery.

Apart from cases, covers and battery packs, Samsung also has a new lens cover for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The lens cover accessory is an exchangeable lens with a dedicated cover. It comes with various lenses such as wide angle lenses.

The Official Samsung Keyboard Cover Case enables you to type faster and more accurate. Take the keyboard case everywhere and go anywhere. With a thin and compact design and very thin, you will not take around a lot of bulk so that you can use it wherever you are.


In addition to the keyboard, there are also hotkey buttons for convenience and efficiency in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Keyboard Cover. Hot keys allow you to access phone features quickly and easily.

Less talked about one of the stuff from Samsung is that the Galaxy Keyboard cover is designed for the S7 and S7 Edge. It is unclear because many full touches meet with the keyboard on the screen, and with the passing of Blackberry, the physical keyboard goes along the path.

Blackberry has recently been associated with premium Blackberry Pre in the Android ranks, in which there is a slide outside the phone’s built-in keyboard. In addition to Price, phones with physical keyboards are slim pickings, leave Samsung, which is to save the day for those people who just need a dependable Galaxy Keyboard cover for their dependable old physical buttons.

The design

Samsung’s Quality physical keyboard is absolutely fine that you will capture it – a light keyboard that fits on the front of your phone. Your purchase of the keyboard includes a thin fit plastic case that fits like a glove on the back of the S7 edge.

It is as simple as sliding on the back cover, and then clicking on the front of your S7 edge on the keyboard. To get the keyboard to stand in front of the phone you have to use the included case.

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Mechanical keyboard – No coupling required by Bluetooth or WiFi is required, just click on and start typing

No battery needed – no need to recharge the device anytime

Ergonomic QWERTY layout with Samsung hot keys and shortcut keys

Automatically switches your device to keyboard mode (70% screen) when installed and returns to full screen

Only comes in black and gold colors


The Samsung Keyboard Cover without question is specially designed for those who have physical keyboards, many users would prefer not to take such small keys in place of a screen keyboard. If your last phone was Blackberry, or you want an option for private, then it is one of your best choices.

Of those of you who are used to a full touch screen, I would never recommend going with a physical keyboard, be it able to type me a good four straight straight way just as 75% As I usually do on a touch screen keyboard, the first day with a physical keyboard was probably typing 20% of my usual speed. I should keep repeating, this keyboard is mainly for those who require physical feedback or who have come from Blackberry before the S7 edge

If you were the person whose last phone was a Blackberry, then this keyboard is right for you, no battery required, nor does it require a Bluetooth connection. All you have to do is slide the back cover, which is exactly as a Galaxy Keyboard cover, and then just clip on the keyboard on the front of your screen. Samsung has designed the software to recognize the keyboard, and 70% of its normal size automatically reduces the screen. It appears that you were using Samsung Blackberry phone. You can start typing instantly as if it was 2008 on your new S7 Edge. The button is firm, touch and intuitive, knowing the keyboard is so lightweight that you can easily take it in your side pocket without knowing it.


If I had a Blackberry user before the S7 shore, then I would most definitely take up this matter. This is not the cheapest subsidiary at $ 59.99, but what you pay for it are just as good as any of Samsung’s stuff, and the software optimization for this keyboard cover smooths it as a butter. Included back cover is one of the slowest, and most suitable fitting cases, which you can get for your S7 edge, which is an extra bonus if you want extra protection.

I only recommend this cover for those who like the physical keyboard, otherwise, they stick to the touchscreen which came with the S7 edge.

The back cover that comes with the keyboard cover is one of my favorite cases that I have ever used with Samsung. It’s ultra light weight and fits the S7 edge like gloves. It is not very tight, and it is not to lose too. Plastic has a nice soft touch so that S7 connects the bulk without increasing the edge. I’m not the kind of person who leaves his phone and can tell you that this matter is not as tough as the urban armor gear or outbox, this keyboard cover has become my favorite aspect of the combo and I’m glad this case I’ll just keep it for.


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