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Hallo, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Garmin Vivosmart 3 Android Review. Fitbatt now dominates the mid-range fitness tracker market for some time. Charge 2, Alta HR and Flex2 are all great devices, but what about this competition? If you want to spend a whopping round of $ 150 to track your activity. There are some other devices that you can take into account first of all.

Garmin Vivosmart 3

One of those devices is Garmin VissSmart 3. This is an interesting fitness tracker that offers some special features that you cannot find on similar devices in other devices, and Garmin is one of the main props for innovation in the industry. Which has developed somewhat recently? For the right user, here’s a lot of horrors. but are you that user?

Garmin vivosmart 3 Of Detailed


When I first removed Garmin vivosmart 3  3 from its packaging, I did not have very high hopes for it. That is, the first impression is not completely positive. It may just be my personal taste, but Viva Smart 3 looks a little bit on the cheap side and it’s very light and rubbery – even on the screen

This also makes hair and dust very sensitive to the selection and does not have a specific satin on other devices. There is a nice diamond band which is an almost half-a-half band. Which is nice enough, but this definitely looks like a working case on the form.

The screen is black and white and there is lots of luminous blood, which adds to the fullest aesthetic. It’s a real touch screen; however, it will register swipe and specific jobs. Which is a nice step by the just tap on the faucet’s new devices?

I’m not saying it’s terrible – it’s not terribly important to look that small and light enough and it’s nice and comfortable to wear, too. It’s not quite as exciting as just Fitbit or even Gear Fit 2, and for me, this trend is something when it comes to Garmin’s devices. I remember that Vivo is disappointed with its light plastic frame, huge size and dim screen with active HR.

It’s nice about Garmin vivosmart 3 3’s physical design, however, it is waterproof for 50 meters, which means that you can take it in the pool or play it with a shower instead of being worrying about it. There is no specific swimming track to talk about, but it’s always nice to know that you’re safe from the splash. Battery life is 5 days on paper and 4 days in practice, which is intermediate but fine.

Health Tracking

While the design is a bit mixed, the performance is where Garmin vivosmart 3 gets a bit more interesting

As you would expect, Garmin vivosmart 3 can track your steps, heart rate, calorie burn, distance travel, active minutes and sleep, like most other trackers. All this works well for the most part; The step matters, I keep an eye on other tools and sleep, which are quite reliable and similar to lines, which I know as true. Sleep is divided into three distinct categories – deep, light, and awake, which is slightly less effective than Fitbit Alta HR, but still very useful.

Vivo Smart 3 also allows you to calculate the number of flights of stairs, which you climb using the barometric altimeter. I have always found a bit of a weird/arbitrary goal to determine: I do not see stairs climbing flights as a particularly meaningful target, and it seems strange to me that you can take 30,000 steps a day You can find and you are still lacking one of your goals … However, this is good and when you reach that goal, it is always happy.

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While other factors include maintaining a ‘calorie deficit’, still one of the most reliable ways to reunite the body is the movement movement reminders equally for the syllabi and social elements, although it is one of the favorites behind Fitbit’s offerings There is a long way.

Garmin vivosmart 3 Features

A healthy heart rate should not be completely consistent, but depending on it, a little bit should be changed whether we are going out in the air or in the air. If your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) is effective, then you will have more heart rate variance and this is a sign of less stress.

Garmin Vivosmart 3

On the contrary, if your sympathetic nervous system is effective (fight or flight), then there will be less variability in your heart rate and it is a sign of stress or poor recovery from training.

I have no way to test the stress function properly on  Garmin vivosmart 3. But it’s still a fun and potentially useful metric and what I can tell you is how I feel at any time, It seems correlated with it

If you feel that your stress is slightly higher then you can always try to use a resting timer that will guide you through breathing exercises and guide you to get your cold back. This is a good idea, but I think the whole capacity here is a little worse.

The timer does not really do anything else to actually breathe in and out with time continuously, and you can fulfill the same thing with the stopwatch. Theoretically, more consistent breathing should help improve the variability in heart rate.

But I found out that it was uncomfortable with my breath at times (though you can change the settings in the app) and I do not feel any better for this. It’s something I want to see that the hotness is expanding in the future.

Fitness Tracking

With other fitness trackers, you can also tell Garmin vivosmart 3 that you are going to start a workout and are tracking walking, run, cardio exercises. Weight training or ‘other’ during a workout, your device Will track the heart rate more consistently as well as other relevant data.

Finally, you can see how you performed through the Garmin Connect app or compare your data over time. A simple run produces an impressive amount of information, such as the average speed, calories, and more manually the option to manually start new workouts beforehand, some things like febrific flex or alter hr already.

How to does auto-detection algorithm (called ‘IQ’) perform? Very well actually something that is very welcome, it is the fact that you can actually receive alerts after the activity starts.

However, on Downside, tracking will start only after running for 5, 10 or 15 minutes (depending on your preference) and your total will begin with zero instead of adding the initial 5 minutes.

This means that I often find myself Garmin vivosmart 3 to go to the shop, to tell me that as soon as I get back to the front door, walking is starting to track. This short walk would be good to record, but just as the last 30 seconds will be measured. I am better off leaving the activity, though it is not a big deal. just keep in mind that the use of the device about what you think.

During training, vivosmart 3 above and above other trackers in its price bracket. When you are able to see custom-selected data fields, you work very smoothly, and ‘Garmin Albert’ heart rate monitoring is much more accurate than Fitbit’s porous during exercise.

Garmin vivosmart 3

What is actually affected here is that though there is representative count for weightlifting involved. This is something that is missing from other fitness trackers, the tracker alone, which is cheap.

In reality, Vivoactive HR also lacks this feature. Which is something that is essential because it has all the necessary sensors and it’s a software update for Garmin Adding via a simple case. Many fitness trackers completely ignore weightlifting. While those who usually only keep an eye on your heart rate as much as I know as more people who take charge than run, this is a welcome change.

Now a weightlifting session has been rewarded with a detailed disintegration in which practice was done. How many reps were completed, and what is really more effective that Vivosmith 3 does not automatically count iterations automatically. But also Indicates that during the workouts you are exercising, you only need to tell vivosmart 3 when you are starting or ending a set (It’s an option to let the auto detect be detected. But it’s in beta and it does not work properly) as theoretically anyway.

It is important to clarify that this feature is far from perfect. Vivosmart 3 will often remember – counting my repetitions and identifying the exercise incorrectly is equally probable.

For example, I pressed a chest that was registered as a squat and the chin was not counted. Oddly, it was really very good with the press up! Of course, there is nothing that only feet will be involved (such as leg press or leg extension) and it goes for one-sided (an armed) practice. In my training, I like to do a wide set and superset work, and all this becomes a bit confusing for vivosmart.

Garmin Vivosmart 3 Specifications

But this is still a great additional feature and one that you will not find on many other trackers. You can manually edit your workouts to add weight and fix exercises/iterations and it may still be quick to start from scratch. I hope this feature will be better with time because it seems That many people can benefit. In a very short time, your leisure time is ending. It is very good for inspiration and how long you will get to work at the end of the exercise. In doing it is interesting to see – that is in my case a bit disappointing!

One more advanced feature is the VO2 maximum score. Which is a rare and welcome, which I have not personally seen since Microsoft’s Band 2. This is a score that represents your ability to use oxygen, which is associated with cardiovascular performance and physical fitness. Vivosmart 3 will use some algorithms to calculate your VO2 Max in your regular training and activity, or you can actively launch ‘test’ to give yourself a score. It also gives you a ‘fitness age’, which is a lot of nonsense fun

What is missing from vivosmart 3 is any form of GPS, it is expected. That the device is cheap, but a real shame is that to track routes. GPS is connected to a connected phone


Navigating through the UI is a real headache and certainly not easy to bring you life by tapping on the screen or brought to your face, 99% of the double-tapping time works. While bringing the screen up About 80% works. From here, you can swipe up and down.

Once you are used to doing it works fine once. Then you are searching yourself completely and there is no point in many layouts. For example, two different ‘Settings’ menus Why are you The scanner option is found inside. The coop option and more than that is hidden, which can definitely be placed in the same menu. Similarly, why is sleep in the long-press menu, while stress is one of the top widgets?

The screen is a little too small for precise swiping and jabbing and it is actually one of my greatest frauds with vivosmart 3: On one occasion. I have accidentally canceled a workout or I have no intentional data Has been abandoned.

This is the only company responsible for the Garmin Connect app. This is where you will see all of your data and workouts. Garmin Connect is famous for being broad and powerful, but there is a complete nightmare to navigate. Here are tons; It can only be arranged a lot better

smartwatch and you definitely should not invest in it if you want it. However, it can show any information that comes from your phone. You will also get weather updates, music controls, timers, stopwatch and remote controls for the Virb Action camera.

Garmin Vivosmart 3 Conclusion

Now, vivosmart 3 is now available from Garmin’s website for $ 139.99 and from Amazon. This puts it in the Fitbit Charge 2 / Alta HR price range. Which demands a question – can you buy it on Fitbit?

This has become a very long review and it’s just a testament to what to say about Garmin vivosmart 3. It’s not all good, but it’s very much appreciated to talk about all about it. While many of fitness trackers are discreet and unimaginable, vivosmart 3 tries a lot and has some relatively unique features.

It’s a shame that not all of them have been packed a little better. The unintuitive UI and rubbery experience somewhat marginally and there are some features that do not quite work as they should. Lack of GPS synchronization by the mobile app. But rather the device hurts, otherwise, it would be a ‘cheap option’ for customers who are more serious about their training.

It will switch to vivvoactive HR. As long as you do not have a similar option, serious runners may have something that has built-in GPS or at least let you use your phone.

In the meantime, they just want something that indirectly monitors their health and U.I. Will not do better with Fitbit likely to not want to cramp around with. In many ways, this is better than the Fitbit Alta HR (probably the closest comparison) and it certainly packs a lot of symptoms. So vivosmart 3 will appeal to quite a specific niche, but then those features are such a mixed bag. I think this was always irresistible.

Garmin vivosmart 3 price Rs. 9,000


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