How To Get 4 Extra Months of Unlimited 4G Data, Calls and Messages On Jio?


Hi, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog and I am jimmy. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is How to get 4 extra months of unlimited 4G data, calls and messages on Jio? If you are one of them who haven’t subscribed to Jio Rs. 99 Prime membership yet or have paid Rs. 99 but didn’t recharge any further then you might miss this another great offer from Reliance in which you can get 4 extra months of unlimited 4G data, calls and messages.

On March 31st, Jio was supposed to end ‘Happy New Year’ offer for everyone and consumers were asked to recharge for Rs. 99 to become a ‘Jio Prime’ member in order to get some extra benefits on regular recharge for next one year (until March 31, 2018).

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But instead of ending the ‘Happy New Year’ offer, Jio announced 15 days of extension for everyone and a new Jio ‘Summer Suprise’ offer. Now users who haven’t recharged with Rs. 99 yet can still recharge until April 15 to become Jio Prime member, and if they wish to enjoy ‘Summer Surprise’ offer then they’ll need to pay an extra Rs. 303 before April 15, which will get them 3 months of free unlimited 4G data, calls and messages until July 15, and after that their recharge of 28 days will come in effect.


What is Jio ‘Summer Surprise’ offer?

Jio Summer Surprise offer is another 3 months of free 4G data, calls and messages for all Jio users if they recharge for Rs. 99 and Rs. 303 (combo recharge on MyJio Rs. 402) before April 15.

But how will I get 4 months from ‘Jio’ now? Is it free?

No, these extra 3+1 months of Jio unlimited plan are technically not free. To get the complete offer, you do need to recharge for at least Rs. 402 (Rs. 99 + Rs. 303 or more) before April 15th.

  1. Recharge for Rs. 99 to become Jio Prime member.
  2. After Rs. 99, do another recharge of Rs. 303 or more.

Once you’ve recharged your Jio number with above denominations, you’ll get free 3 months of an unlimited plan like the existing until July 15th.

What will happen after July 15?

After July 15, you would not need to recharge your Jio number for another 28 days. Which means you’ll still get unlimited 4G data, calls and messages until August 12.

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