Google Allo will now turn your Picture into Cartoon


Google Allo’s latest feature aims to snapchat’s bitmodi by transforming Staley into a personalized stickerFrom today, when you take a picture of yourself on Google Allo, the Android app will add a huge enormous network of nerves to the artist’s work to turn on their snap in a huge sticker pack. This feature will roll out to iOS “quick”

“Creative Expert for Arto Exposures, Jennifer Daniel explained” To master the art, the traditional computer vision approach will analyze the pixels of an image and determine the property values to measure the color, shape or texture of the pixel values from the algorithm. ”

For this, Google has developed an algorithm so that instead of using the traditional approach of hand coding, human features are identified. Rather than running data through a new neural network, the team used the same experiment as Deep Dream, Google’s current, more general purpose computer vision neural network.

“We found that some neurons among the millions of these networks proved to be helpful in making stickers individually, and were good for focusing on things they were not clearly trained.”

Google again worked with a team of painters to design hair styles, face shapes and designs, which could match their own people. Whatever was presented, it was manually manufactured and fed into the neural network.

Google launched Alo in September 2016. Available on Android and iOS, provides powerful artificial intelligence as a personal assistant; Made to compete with the Alexa of Siri, Cortana and Amazon. Dubbed Google Assistant is able to set a bot alarm, search through email, suggest places to eat places, and run quizzes. It combines the capabilities of many popular bots in many apps.

If you have not already used Google Allo, here are some suggestions on how to get started here.

How to get started with Google Allo

Google Allo

This explains that Google has used the Smart Answers feature to say “smart, smart, smartly suggestive, relevant, quick answer for a quick answer”. For example, when someone sends you a picture or message, suggestions are selected to choose from the Smart Review of Elo. Tap the most appropriate response as your answer.

Google’s subsidiaries will learn how you like to answer and answer to make them more personal.

But there is a deeper level of integration beyond basic questions.

Asking Aloe’s assistant to show an email from ‘Victoria’ will see the message of that person; Asked for the weather asks questions whether it should be updated on a daily basis. Each level of AI’s knowledge is almost always a deep question or a follow-up when a sequence ends, a thumbs up or down emoji option is given. If selected, the negative thumb allows the app to respond.

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Alok Assistant So far, Wired is able to answer most of the questions asked. On asking if the climate change is real, the app responds to a graph with a top Google result, but gives potential follow-up questions (“What is global warming is due to humans” / “Is global warming a myth? ? “/” Does the scientists agree on climate change? “) Asking to show photos of Colosseum brings an ancient monument

In the messaging app, Intelligence can tap into user data to provide answers to common questions found on Google, provide calendar updates, locate businesses, translate text for other languages and save information.

Google Allo Messages, Stickers and Emoji

Also helpful, Google Aude – which was announced for the first time in the firm’s I / O developer conference – allows group conversations, estimated suggestions based on the ability to attract user messages, stickers and photos ( Both of which are major in Instagram and Snapchat).

To add media to a message, tap the “+” button on the left side of the input box and send a picture, share a picture, share your location, post emoji stickers.

There are already many stickers available with slots, but you can download more stickers by pressing the plus sign next to the sticker icon.

Dragging Send Button allows messages and emoji to be large or shrink; A device designed to emphasize, like Apple’s iOS 10 animations and effects. And, like Snapchat and Instagram stories, photos can be annotated and can be drawn on using one finger and one color pallet.

Once the selfie stickers come out on your device, take a photo in a general way by pressing the camera button in the chat window. You will then be given the option to comment on and type on the picture, as well as be converted into a personal sticker set.

Google Allo features do not provide much more than other messaging apps, but this is not a sale for Elo – App is a way to communicate with friends, it was billed as a dedicated AI assistant’s Google’s first mass integration. is.

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Add GIF to everyone

The most recent pair called, Lucky, is named after the name of Google’s “I Love Lucky” feature. Lucky lets you type words or phrases to get relevant gifs

The bot slack and tagging is similar to those used in message threads by @lucky, changing any thread into a GIF form.

Google Allo and Privacy

To be most useful for Google Allo, users need to do an important thing to do business with Google: Within a few minutes of installing the App Access App, it demands access to contacts, places and pictures.

Asked how this data is used, Elo answers: “When you use Google services, you trust us on your data”. It states that it should be allowed to enter and a link has been given for its privacy policy.

The AI needs access to this data in order to operate best. Elo can not tell you where the nearest pub is without knowing your location, though for the existing Google users it will be shared with the firm in advance

To be aware of privacy, Elo can be active and work with end-to-end encryption. Google has borrowed its secret word for it, but uses system code on OpenVisces – which is recommended by Edward Snowden and is used by default to encrypt the Whitsap network throughout the web.

Google Allo: What will be the use of Google Aloe’s assistant?

Allo is just started for Google’s assistant, in the press materials. The firm has said “preview” of what it has come to.

One of its main applications (which is publicly referred to by the firm) is for integration into Google home devices. The plan has been planned for release later this year. As soon as Google’s October 4th press event, Home is the rival of Amazon’s popular Echo Speaker. Google offers – a small speaker – looks like the same from online retailers.

Home is an Internet-connected the speaker and personal assistant. Based on the AI assistant built in Google Allo, it can make home a challenge for resonance. All communications in Google Allo work in a natural way, and the app understands some errors (if a question mark with a question is erased then it still provides an answer).


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