Google Challenges Apple Siri, Google Assistant will available in ios


Google said in its event I / O 2017 that it will now provide its digital assistant on Apple iPhone. This will challenge Apple Siri, in Apple’s own device. This step was taken by Google for a step further, whose Android system works on most people’s smartphones all over the world. Now Google’s goal is to create a dominant position on applets of Apple, even if the market is small, but it includes people who spend more on technology.

apple vs google

A war in Google, Apple Siri, and Amazon:

It seems that Google Apple and Amazon are competing among themselves in the field of digital assistants. One consequence of this may also be that many industries are believed to be coming to the forefront of important features like keyboard and touch screen in the coming time. In the present time, touch screen and keyboard are two technologies that users primarily use to interact.

A war in Google, Apple Siri and Amazon

What is beautiful Pichai said?

In the annual developer conference held in California, Sunder Pichai said that the company is seeing its progress in Google Assistant. This will allow users to complete various tasks only with voice commands. In today’s times, people are interacting with computing. We have been using voice as input in many of our products, and we have had many important success in it.

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New features brought to Google Home:

Google, whose maximum income is from its search engine, has also introduced new features for a Google home. Users will soon be able to make phone calls from this device. With this, HBO will also be added to it. With this, the company also announced that it will also present a physical photo album through its photo app.

Google and Artificial Intelligence:

Sundar Pichai said, “In the world of Artificial Intelligence, we are thinking again about all our products. The company is using Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and Computer Vision in all its products. This includes search, data centers, medical imaging, cloud, Google Assistant, new Google Assistant, Google Home and hands-free calling. All these innovations will be given under Google AI “.

Pichai said, “Mobile brought the multi-touch feature and now we have voice and vision. Major changes have been made in computer vision. In this way we are introducing Google lenses which will be included in the first Google Assistant ” During this, Pichai told about the computers that understood the sound well.


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