How To Hide Files And Photos Apps To Android Smartphone


If a person has control over your smartphone Photos Apps, how easy will it be to identify you? Depending on the broadest way of your internal security, they will be able to post your people to your Facebook account, reach your bank account or make a purchase on your name of best apps for sharing photos.

If you are an Android user, there are many apps to hide photos and videos in the Photos Apps Google Play Store, which you can use for free! In this article, we’ve gathered the best photos and videos hidden apps available on the Play Store.

Photos Apps

Technology has made these weird small devices a part of our identity, the idea that the smartphone has become an extension of itself, it is not a new one. As soon as you disclose parts to some people, they hide from others, the desire to remove files, apps to store photos or applications on your smartphone is a popular one.

You may find some pictures that you really like, if your mother needs to borrow your phone then she does not bother your mother. have some personal documents that have sensitive personal information. You probably have apps that are not quite ‘child-friendly’ to secure your nephew safely on your phone, so that they can play Angry Birds.

Whatever the reason, there are so many options to hide the content on your phone. We will look at some of them here and discuss the benefits and risks of each.

How To Hide Files And Photos Apps

How to Hide Files

Most Android devices do not really have the ability to hide the stuff Photos Apps, so whatever you are doing, you probably want to resort to third-party apps. Let’s start with the basics and learn how to hide some files in general.

How to Hide Files

Hiding a solid app file for this job is a free app, and it lets you easily hide and show any file on your phone. To get this up and running, first, download the app from the Google Play Store. When you open the app, you will receive the message that the hidden file list is empty. To hide files, tap the folder icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

The app works like a basic file management app until you know where the file is located, you can hide it regardless of type. Check the files you want to hide and then go back to your main screen.

From here, will remove all your files except “hide all”, so that they will not be inadequate to hide the phone borrowers, they will no longer be visible in other file managers or galleries. To bring them back, just open the hide expert and tap “Restore all”.

Of course, it hardly protects your content. Finally, any file can hide the expert and open all those files you do not want to see in an easy-to-access list.

Tap the menu button and then the settings will be the first Photos Apps option to enable a password. Check that box, and you will be asked to enter the password to use. Be careful to forget this, because whenever you boot the expert hide the file, you will need to use it. You do not want to go to a situation where you cannot restore hidden files!


How to Hide Photos Apps

How to Hide Files,

Now, however, hide the file expert technically works for any type of file that you can imagine, this is not actually the most effective way to hide the photo. If you are a person who is sometimes looking for a look-pix If you like picking, you may have a better experience with KeepSafe.

KeepSafe basically creates a digital wallet on your phone. Where you can toss anything that you do not want to appear elsewhere. Every time you want to access your app, you will need to create a PIN. It places all your sensitive files in one place. There is also the option to return your personal files to the cloud if you feel comfortable doing. This, in this way you can recover your lost photo if your phone is lost or broken.

KeepSafe is fast becoming one of the most widely used privacy applications. The current version can be used to unlock $ 4.99 per month with premium features for free. The cloud backup service is free, but Premium Edition gives you an extra duplicate pin, such as a Snapshot PIN.

Which is a fake PIN that users feel they have their hidden files? If they use it and use a “secret door” as a KeepSafe utility app, you do not press? Tthe icon for long periods until a premium member has a “break-in alert” A system that also logs.

These unsuccessful attempts so that you can see if someone is trying to get your personal files or not. In addition to hiding pictures, KeepSafe can also be us as a repository for sensitive data such as passwords and ID cards.


Why use smart lock free

  1. It’s free to download and you will get almost everything in the free version.
  2. Easy UI integration, such as you can directly lock anything from your gallery just select and share to smart lock
  3. Number locks pattern lock and pin lock and fake lock.
  4. You can view delete unlock share them easily without closing the smart lock app.
  5. Previously unlock files can be search and able to lock them again easily.

Installing it is an air just download the app from the Google Play Store. The setup guide will run when you set a PIN.

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How to Hide Files,,

It’s done, you can add any photo to KeepSafe by opening a folder and tapping the ‘add picture’ icon at the bottom right. Use the browser to select the apps to recover deleted photos you want to hide

Alternatively, you can access the normal gallery of your phone, tap the “Share” button on the desired picture, and add files to the wall by selecting KeepSafe from the list of options. This will move the photo to your personal archive and delete it from the gallery. Very Good.

How to Hide Apps

Ever tired of seeing your NFL mobile app that came with your phone and which you can uninstall without? Is your app drawer being disturbed with those apps that you rarely use? Which make you a headache to get them? Hiding apps are a great way to clean your app tray and keep. The guest users stuck in any apps that you want to keep your own business.

Some stock launchers offer this functionality out of the box. For example, most Samsung users have the ability to hide the app without leaning on third-party apps. If your launcher app does not support hiding, then give the sparkline to the Nova Launcher. It’s an excellent launcher around, and it gives you the ability to hide the app with a simple and intuitive option.

Install the Nova Launcher and open the Photos Apps drawer. Navigate to Settings> Navigate app and widget drawer> Hide apps Select the apps to edit photos you want to hide, and they will no longer show in your app tray.

Check out this silent feature of the app.

  1. User friendly
  2. Hides any types of files
  3. Hides in seconds
  4. Easy to operate
  5. Fast and reliable


A Stock Fix

How to Hide Apps

An easy way to hide entire folders without using a third party app is to prevent. This from showing documents, showing simple fixes, galleries, audio files being shown in players and editing apps for photos. However, the files are not specifically hidden, because whatever you are doing is changing. The folder with such name that Android ignores it.

Using any Android file manager, simply “.” If you want to get super snooze, try to rename a boring folder such as “.simdata” or “.systeminfo” or whatever it may be.


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