How to Access Hide Friend List in Facebook

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Hide Friend

This is the very interesting because today time no one’s wants to show the friend list. So you cannot check that how many friends that have and what is the mutual friend because friend list is already hide so this is the most important method for facebook user.

How to Access Hide Friend List in Facebook

Tips to Get hide Friend List in Facebook

so here is the step by step process so read it carefully:

step 1 :  – go to facebook . com and login to your account.

. Step 2 : – now go to edit profile

Step 3 : –  now click on friend option and select only me to shae tour friend list and number only with you. And now collect information about that friend whom you want to know friends details.

Step 4 : – now create new facebook account and send them friend request.

Step 5 : – remember, do not add other person and now open that friend account and click on find friend option and then you can see the details of your friend’s friend.

So this is the easy method to hide friend list from other and access friend list from other.


So here i shared, how to access hide friend list in facebook now Share this article on social media and also visit our previous articles.Thank You


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