How to Block Websites on Chrome Browser


how to block websites on chromeSeveral reasons are available to block certain websites on PC. The main reason is that the websites could spread viruses or containing explicit content.

When you like to avoid these websites then you might need to block certain websites. First of all, download and installation of block site and it is also free applications. Download the Google play store using many steps such as

How to Block Websites on Chrome [Step By Step]

How to Block Websites on Chrome


  • Open the Google Play Store search the Image titled Androidgoogleplay.png.
  • Searching the block size in the search bar tool
  • Open the Blocksite app and click the installation process.

Step 2:

  • Open the Block Site app.
  • If you find the app drawer and it is an app icon fully orange-colored shield of both icon with white No symbol in the center.
  • Of course, the installation process from the play store and tap to the green of open button and app is installed

Step 3:

  • Moreover, the green button at the bottom of the applications. First of all the app is open and allows to set of permission of Blocksite and block of websites of your websites.

Step 4:

  • Pop up screen bottom of this screen display about you how to block websites on chrome and open your Accessibility settings.

Step 5:

  • Tap Block Site.
  • Bottom of the accessible setting the menu under   of the service header

Step 6:

  • Most importantly, the image tilted the Android7switchoff.png from OFF to ON. For instance, the access for block site is off. This switch is blue and Turing on will prompt a pop-up window.

Step 7:

  • Tap to menu
  • The lower-right corner of the pop-up window
  • This will allow BlockSite to monitor the apps and interact with so it can effectively block the sites and BlockSite app want to block

Step 8:

  • Tap Image titled Android7new.png.
  • The green button is the plus “+” sign in the bottom-right corner of the app.

Step 9:

  • And, Enter a website URL.
  • Enter the main web address of the website and you want to block. ex: Facebook

 Step 10:

  • Tap Image titled Android7done.png.
  • Check the button in the upper right corner
  • Now, you will block the web browsers on your phone from accessing the website and added the block list.
  • To access the anyone tries site belongs to see a message the site has been blocked.
  • To remove a website from the blocked list
  • Then, open Block Site and tap the trashcan icon Image titled Android7delete.png as well as next to the website you want to remove.
  • You can tap the switch for “Block Adult Websites and all websites that contain block websites on android productivity

How to Block Websites on Chrome Full Guide

How to Block Websites on Chrome Full Guide

Current Block site technology involves digitalization of accounting system in various industries and some of them are massively disrupted by advancement in the technology. With the high regulatory requirements based on validity and integrity, most sectors are looking forward to the Blockchain which is recently emerged and distributed ledger technology at the negligible costs of use.

You might process a manual scan of whole and external storage.  It takes a few minutes to complete scanning and rid malware from your device. It also offers website security on blocking malicious websites. In the real-time internet connection, it helps the user to download any files with no issues. It also makes you find the essential features of the antivirus product.

This system is hugely promising and enhances prevalent double entry of bookkeeping and everything in the platform is imaginable. Using the Block site, Two parties are able to make the constant exchange and process without intermediation or oversight of the third party and strongly reduce or eliminate the counterparty risk.

How to Block Websites on The Android Tablet

  • It will block ads on the application
  • Eliminate license verification app that you installed on your android device
  • With one click user can move the application to ads card elegantly
  • Detect preinstalled apps on your device
  • Provide permission for removing applications
  • The user installs an app on play store without any license verification
  • It helps you to process any modification of the application
  • Simple to update any application at any time
  • Take back up of all data on your mobile phone or computer
  • Reduce issues on accessing any application
  • It solves errors occurred on your play store
  • Make easy to download any app or game without any risks
  • It assists to buy app and store on the play store

Performance of technology is quite high and much easier to connect multiple devices to the same server. Normally, the user can easily route it with the encrypted traffic adding the extensive layer of the existing and security systems. This is easy-to-use and compact interface with strict zero logs policy. it is the extensive framework to stop threats of advanced attacks. Sever security is specially created to install in various environments.We design it with major hypervisors that available to us

How to block a website on Android

How to block a website on Android and you might get more packs of security software from our professional. It provides different options to visible threats and safeguards important documents of your business. This site is managed with the high extensive feature of Safer Web. It is easier to connect automatically that also guarantees the anonymity and safety.

Superfast servers with the Double data encryption even with the Lightning speed feature to the maximum without any hassle Safer Web uses highest Mobile Security & Antivirus app to secure your data from the snoopers. No matter where you are from or where you travel Safer Web allows you to stay connected to internet activity even without any block.

They deliver optimized security software that offers less performance impact. It removes repetition of data and helps you keep all essential mandatory to be safe. It has the end to end visibility of underlying and workload platforms.  One might gain more insights to remove threat and control encryption settings and firewalls.  It also helps you resolve malware quick and fast.


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