How to Check Wi-Fi Password on Android


Becoming an owner of an Android handset brings a lot of convenience to life. However, something you need to have some extra knowledge to manage your Wi-Fi password and connections. If you are trying to know How to check Wi-Fi password on Android, this post shall help you to gain a lot of knowledge. With the countless number of Wi-Fi networks loading everywhere, you need to find out which is your personal Wi-Fi connection in order to keep it safe and easy to access in future.

Finding out How to check Wi-Fi password on Android

How to Check Wi-Fi Password on Android

How to Check Wi-Fi Password on Android
How to Check Wi-Fi Password on Android

When it becomes difficult to find out the exact Wi-Fi password that your device has stored, you need to check out a different Wi-Fi network in order to access your personal Wi-Fi that has correct credentials. Therefore, here is the post that would let you know How to check Wi-Fi password on Android to keep things simple and manageable. Our post shall make it incredibly easy for you to manage your Wi-Fi and password without rooting your gadget.

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Finding out How to check Wi-Fi password on Android through a few simple steps

How to Check Wi-Fi Password on Android (Method 1#)

  • Download Wi-Fi key recovery application for free

One of the best applications of all identified your Wi-Fi connection is Wi-Fi key recovery application available at Google Play Store. You can install the same without leading to root your device at all. After you have initiated the needful, it’s time to move on two different steps.

  • check out saved Wi-Fi passwords

the moment you have launched Wi-Fi key recovery application in your smartphone, it’s time to find out the list of all the Wi-Fi network that your phone can possibly try to get connected with. Every field shall be showing PSK field along with the password. In case you have tried linking up with different Wi-Fi connections over time, the list Shall be even longer. You can go for SSID Quick Search and get to know what it exactly gets connected with a genuine Wi-Fi connection.

  • passing on Wi-Fi passwords

In case you need to share any of the passwords with the rest of devices, you have limited options at your disposal. Simply begin by tapping on to any random entry in the list and a tiny menu shall appear on your screen. This would allow you to choose Android built-in sharing system and forward either of the entire entry or the password. You can share the options using QR code which requires you to install An additional application from Google Play Store.

If you wish to Keep Safe the entire list, tab upon the hardware menu button located in the software navigation bar. You would find three dots which you need to click in order to export and create the text file with all the information out there.

You can tap up on the Android share menu and send the file to another device by simply choosing Tap to sd option. If you choose to save a copy of the text file to your Android storage partition that is also a good option. You can always take a screenshot of whatever option you choose to do. Finally, you would find out How to check Wi-Fi password on Android without wasting much time and energy.

How to Check Wi-Fi Password on Android (Method 2#)

Android comes up with lots of unique features but sometimes end up creating happens in some fundamental functions. One of the most irritating lackings of an Android gadget is the ability to access password of the saved Wi-Fi connection. It is really not visible to find out the saved passwords without root access of your Android gadget. Despite you have all the options to check out the individual passwords of each connection, we have brought yet simpler way to find out How to check Wi-Fi password on Android.

You can have all the privilege to access the system files without rooting your graduate. The application comes up with a million dollar tracking features that help in installation of applications and restoring the files that have been accidentally deleted. You don’t have to require root access of your gadget.

  1. Launch in ES File Explorer application in your gadget
  2. Move towards the left navigation bar and hit upon the local storage option
  3. Navigate towards system – etc – Wi-Fi
  4. Launch WPa_supplicant.conf file and in case the application is you to launch the electric configuration file for my hit upon built in HTML/ text file viewer.
  5. You are able to view the list of Wi-Fi network and password, you will be able to get connected with the genuine one.

File Explorer application – root

Here are slightly different steps you need to root access for gadgets to find out the saved password. Follow the instructions carefully and you will be able to find out correct Wi-Fi password in your gadget.

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Steps to know How to check Wi-Fi password on Android

  • Launch ES File Explorer application is a rooted Android gadget and navigate towards the rooted folder.
  • Visit the root folder by using data -misc and Wi-Fi option.
  • Button Wi-Fi folder formal look for the file format that says wpa_ supplicant.conf
  • Move towards the network questions by using SSID of your Wi-Fi connection and check out the corresponding password. It shall be probably located under the PSK section.

You will find the Wi-Fi password in a particular format where you can identify the needful.

How to check Wi-Fi password on Android can be resolved to either of the above-mentioned procedures. Alternatively, you can go for laptop and DB tools where you can analyze the saved passwords without needing to root access your gadget. However, you need to have a laptop at your disposal for accessing ADB tools in your smartphone. Also, ensure that all the USB drivers of your handset are properly installed in the laptop flash PC. Install the tools from the internet and in the setting options, identify the password and Wi-Fi connection.


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