How To Edit PDF Files, Free Online And Offline Tools List


PDF Files or Portable Document Format is one of the most popular formats for document sharing. Its popularity is primarily because. The purpose of Edit PDF Files is distribution of articles, eBooks, user manuals,

personal letters, etc. The document may be anything but after the PDF file is created, the intended file should not be edited.

Edit PDF Files

PDF files are multi-platform (no changes can be made in formatting on large sized devices), in small sizes. But there are several ways to edit PDF files with software tools and online. Open on most devices with free software and it is difficult to edit because they “read only”.

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How to Edit PDF Files To Offline Tools

Edit PDF files of Free Software

Even though PDF files are “read-only” by default, there are some tools and software that you can use to free the contents of PDF files without the use of paid software such as Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat Business Edition has been created to create, edit, merge and manipulate Adobe System PDF files, but it is expensive. So that we are looking for low cost or free PDF editors, Look at the official PDF file editor.

Free Tools To Edit PDF files

It basically involves converting PDF files into another format and editing the converted PDF file. After editing, you can use the PDF author to re-edit the edited file on the PDF. Convert Microsoft to PDF and reversal, convert HTML, e-mail PDF, merge files.

Editing PDF files

If your PDF file can be edited properly as a Word document, you can use the PDF word word converter for instant conversion. Edit the converted file and after that, you can use any free PDF author to redefine the PDF file. If you have open office, you can use its export as a PDF feature to create a PDF files from any printable document.

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Multilevel Browser: Multilingual browser provides minimal PDF editing as a permission to add annotations. It includes several command line tools that allow PDF files to be merged and narrowed.

Edit Meta data of PDF files

Meta data is information related to such a PDF file. If you want to change this information, you can use free PDF MAd edit to edit information such as PDF document title, author name, bookmark and other construction data. . PDF Meta Edit can also be used to remove and add password (encrypt) to PDF files.

Edit PDF files on Android phones

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is a free application that you can write on your Android based mobile phone and tablet, underline text and write PDF files. Advanced PDF editors edit text, pictures, etc.

Edit PDF The freeware tool mentioned above will be useful for most users with basic PDF editing needs. However, if you need advanced PDF editing, then the above tools will not be useful. Some advanced PDF editing tools are available that are similar to most paid products.

Open Office Draw

Edit PDF Files Free Open Source Optional can be us as Adobe Acrobat option for Microsoft Office. You need PDF Import Extensions (old version here) so you can easily and quickly edit PDF files you can use the Open Office Draw.

With the inline editing features of the Open Office Draw, you can easily edit any PDF document, such as you can edit Word documents, add and change these images, change font size and color, default font-family In place of, annotations, charts, shapes, table interface supports all to connect through easy to use

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To load PDF Import Extensions in the Open Office, open Extension Manager from the Tools menu, click on Add, and then select the location of the downloaded extension. For those who want a PDF editor without any initial setup, Libra Office, an office suite land from the Open Office, is included by default in this extension if you do not consider the download size, then the Open Office Draw is just .

The Best Free PDF Editor Available

  1. Ink scape

Ink Scap is a vector graphics editor that allows you to import and export PDF files. You can use ink scap to select text, image or other object on a PDF file and then change your position or remove it. It also gives you the flexibility to attach PDFs and add annotations to PDF files. While Ink Scope provides some really nice features, its intricate interface makes it difficult for users to use it. Apart from this, it only allows you to edit only one page at a time, however, you can convert them to a single PDF file using PDF coordinator.

  1. PDF Tools

PDF Tools is a PDF management application that supports encrypting, decrypting (password removal), joining and splitting PDF files. Its stamp feature can be us to add text and images to a PDF file. You can use X and Y coordinates in place of your choice. It contains a PDF creator which can be us to create PDF files from any XML document. It also supports rearranged pages in PDF file.

  1. PDF Escape

If you are looking for PDF editing (changing your personal information or changing the text of the form to fill out the form), then you can try PDF Escape to edit PDF files in your browser. This allows you to modify text, images, and add comments with the help of custom shapes and arrows.

A great feature of PDF Escape is the ability to protect PDF files. This allows you to hide text with your white out tool (it’s different from removing it). It allows you to edit password-protected PDF files and add hyperlinks to the web address. To use PDF Escape, you just need JavaScript enabled web browser.

PDF Editor Available

  1. GIMP

GIMP or GNU Image manipulation program can also be us as a PDF editor. Just import any PDF file as an image or a layer, then edit it, and then use its export function to get a PDF file. The only downside is that like Inkscape, GIMP also allows you to edit only one page at a time. However, you can easily get one PDF file, such as using the free software like the above PDF Tools.

  1. PDF-XChange Viewer

The free version of PDF-Exchange Viewer can be us to type directly on PDF files. It makes this software a good PDF form filler, its image stamp feature can be us to directly insert images onto any PDF document.

  1. PDF Edit

Edit PDF is a fully develop PDF editor for operating systems like Unix. The downside is that it does not support protected or encrypted PDF files. PDF edit is the beta version for Windows, but it does not work for me.

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Online PDF Editor

  • Upload PDF file to Google Drive that you want to edit.
  • Select the box on the uploaded PDF file or check and go to more options and click Open and select Google Docs.
  • PDF file to will convert the to Google Docs format and opens in a new tab as a document.
  • If you select the page, then the word looks like an image in the format, it means that the image shows the boundary like; here you can press “Enter” to edit the PDF file in Google Docs format. That’s how you can edit your PDF file with Google Docs. If you want to save the same file as a PDF, download the file from Google Drive to a local drive and from the above PDF editors or PDF Creator to create a PDF file.

Useful PDF Tools

  1. PDF Editor
  2. FoxitPDFReader
  3. PDFZen
  4. CutePDF
  5. Online2PDF
  6. PDFFiller
  7. WordtoPDF
  8. PDFConverter
  9. Doc2PDF
  10. Converttoonlinefree
  11. Go4Convert
  12. Save as PDF
  13. JpegtoPDF
  14. Docupub


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