How to Fix iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes Error


iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes – These days most of the people are using iPad due to its unique features and specifications. The iPad is the touchscreen tablet which is made by Apple Company. The company has released many new version of the iPad. The Apple iPad is so expensive but it so worthy to buy. The iPad runs on the iOS and ships with many popular apps such as the email, music, photos, messages, web browser and face time.

The users can also download additional free or paid apps via the Apple app store. Massive numbers of apps in the App store are considered to work on the iPad and as well on the iPhone. These days most of the iPad users are facing an error called the iPad is Disables Connect to iTunes. This error is a pretty error which comes in the iPad device which runs on iOS 11 or any other operating system versions. These days the iPad is not so latest for the people like the past.

iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes

Why the iPad Disabled Connect to iTunes Error Occurs?

There are a few reasons why the iPad is Disables Connect to iTunes error occurs on the device which is given below:

  • An error occurred while connecting to iTunes

The iPad users use to face this issue if they connect to the iTunes. This is the main reason for this error.

  • If so many password attempts

This is one of the main and common reasons for this error. The iPad will disable after the six various failed password attempts. This means the users can try to unlock the device only for the five times. On the sixth attempt, the iPad will be disabled within a fraction of seconds. Then you will get the message that your iPhone is disabled. This one normally happens when the user forgets the password or other person enter the incorrect password on it to check.

Are you looking for the simple and easiest method to fix or resolve this type of error? If so then you are in the right place. In the below-mentioned section, you can get simple ways or methods to get rid of iPad are Disables connect to iTunes error.

Tips to Solve iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes Error

Here are the simple and easy methods to resolve the disabled error. Anyone can perform it and fix this kind of error easily without any hassle.

Method 1: By using the iTunes

This method is the first and safest method to resolve the iPad is Disables Connect to iTunes error. The user needs to use the good iTunes backup for this method.

  • Initially, the user wants to connect the iPad to the Personal computer or Mac through the functional and Apple USB cable
  • Then locate the device through the left side of navigation pane or else simply search the device in the search bar which is located at the top right corner
  • Now find the backup option and click the small iPad button which is highlighted in the above image. Then go ahead and backup your iPad on your computer
  • After you hit the backup button you will be asked to enter the password in your iPad device. If you remember it accurately type in the password and pause the backup process consequently.
  • Finally the disabled error will get rid on your iPad device

Method 2: Restore the iPad Through The iTunes From the Previous Backup

Even if you successfully unlocked your iPad device but the error still continues, then you can follow the below mentioned steps to get rid of it.

  • First, connect the iPad to your Personal computer or Mac
  • Then open the iTunes
  • If the organization process does not happen mechanically, you need to go Backup button now
  • Wait for few minutes to complete the backup process. The process takes depend upon the data amount and apps on the devices
  • Then reconnect your iPad and tap on the Restore which comes next to the backup process on your device
  • Now choose the Restore from the iTunes Backup button
  • Finally, locate the process and wait for few minutes for the process to complete. This method will only remove the error but also access all the data, photos, emails, documents and settings.

Method 3: Fix the Disabled iPad with iCloud

ICloud is another easiest method to fix the disables iPad error without any hassle.

  • Initially connect the iPad to your Personal computer or Mac
  • On the computer, open the web browser and visit the
  • Then log in with the Apple ID and password
  • At the top select all the devices
  • Click on the device which is currently disabled
  • Then click and confirm on erase
  • Enter your Apple user ID and password to confirm
  • It will power up on your device
  • Then go through the setup process to restore from the backup.

Method 4: Use Recovery Mode to Fix the Disabled Error

The recovery mode is one of the simple and easy methods to get rid of the disabled error.

  • Plug the Apple USB cables into the computer but need not connect it to the iPad
  • Then launch iTunes
  • Press and hold the Home button for a few minutes until the device power off
  • Keep hold of the Home button
  • Plug in the USB connector to connect the iPhone to the Mac
  • Then the iTunes will give a message that the iPad has been detected in the Recovery mode.

ipad disabled cannot connect to itunes

Final verdict

The above is the simplest and easiest method to get rid of the iPad is disabled connect to iTunes error. The iPad user who faces this error can pick any one of the methods to fix the error. All these methods are so effective and will be more helpful and useful for the users.

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