How To increase Battery Life On Android Mobile Phones


Who has a Smartphone knows that increase Battery Life is an issue. At the moment, the Smartphone industry tends to favor performance over battery life when developing specifications for their new devices. To be perfectly honest, I am all phones for this.

I would argue that it’s better to have a zippy phone that acts quickly when I need it to rather than a slow, less sleek device Smartphone increase battery life that can withstand a few days of use without charging. Fortunately, I have a simple method that works for every Android phone I’ve ever encountered.

increase battery life

This is probably because I’ve mastered getting what I need from my phone. While using the smallest amount of battery resources possible. Getting the best increase battery life from your phone can be somewhat complicated because everyone has a different opinion on what you should use and which (if any) features you should sacrifice to conserve battery.

Boost increase battery life

You love your smartphone’s large, colorful display, but it is the mortal enemy of the battery more than any other component of your phone. The display uses increase battery life at a destructive speed Most phones include an auto-brightness feature. Which automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to ambient light level.

This mode uses less power than running your screen on continuous full brightness, of course. But you will get better behavior by changing. The brightness of your screen to the lowest setting below which you can afford it and leave it there. You can. Even if you do not do anything, then we suggest that after this tip your life of the battery will be dramatically increased.

Battery Life

  • Display Screen

As a universal fact across all phones, the biggest drain on your battery is your display screen. Personally, I’ve found the auto-brightness control to work extremely well. To adjust to auto-brightness, go to Settings A Display settings A Brightness, and then just check Automatic brightness.

It dims the brightness when you’re in darker rooms (as it doesn’t need to compete against other light sources and glare). But will really up to the brightness if you’re outside so that your phone is actually usable. However, if I’m really trying to conserve battery. I will turn off auto-brightness and set the brightness to very low (around 25%).

Also, be sure that you don’t have an extremely long timeout (inactivity time before your screen automatically shuts off) as this will drain your battery. I personally just prefer shutting the screen off manually by pressing the power button rather than waiting for a timeout; this way my phone won’t timeout on me when I am just reading something on it.

  • Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers have a considerable impact on your increase battery life. Not using them is always a good idea if you want the best time from your battery.

If your phone has an AMOLED screen (like most Samsung devices). Then use a black background Black Wallpaper can increase battery life because AMOLED screens illuminate color pixels only. Black pixels are units, so you need A black pixels, or more deep pixels, less power to lighten them.

To download a full black wallpaper, now, save the photo and go to your settings. From there Wallpaper Wallpaper Choose the hit wallpaper and scroll to the gallery. You should only be able to find the Black Wallpaper Set the Hit Wallpaper and Lock Screen to see how it is done See the video below.

Close Unnecessary Applications

If there are some applications running on your phone that you are not currently using, you should stop them from the Task Manager to avoid unwanted pressure on your phone. Which in turn will drain your battery quickly?

Keeping your application updated For one reason developers constantly update the app, and most of the time it is for memory or battery optimization. Keeping updates on your apps also means that you have the best optimization available, similarly, remove old apps you no longer use, because they may. Have to run background processes that chew RAM and increase battery life.

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Once you make sure that your apps are up-to-date, you can personally go through them and check that they are optimized for battery life. It can be done very quickly just go to your settings and tap the battery from there, go to the menu button (three points at the top right of your screen) and go to battery optimization, from there you can see which phones apps are optimized and change them. You can change only non-essential system applications to see how this is done, see the HD video below.

Reduce Volume of speakers

Lowering volume Settings of your phone speakers can also have noticeable improvements in your phone’s increase battery life. Many cell phones and smartphones are equipped with a speaker feature.

The speaker makes it easy to share conversations with others in the same room or make phone calls without the phone to your ears. If the call appears unconscious or very loud, the volume can be adjusted using the phone’s volume controls.

The Power Control Widget

If you have a fairly recent phone (Android 2.1 or higher running anything), you are already blessed. With a completely awesome “Power Control” widget if your phone does not have. This widget, you can always play one can download from the store.

It is necessary for your home-screen. With this widget, you can enable and disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and auto-sync, besides adjusting brightness level between auto, low Power, medium, and high.

This widget was the only job to leave me the ability to enable and disable mobile wireless networks (3G and/or 4G networks). Some phones allow you to do this by dragging down.

The “status bar” at the top of your phone (where notification, increase battery life, and signal are) and by selecting or deselecting “mobile data”. Other phones allow you to control the mobile wireless network by pressing the power button. The worst case scenario is that you can adjust it in “Settings”.

Now, to enable and disable these features, just below Bluetooth for all the preferences. I only use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS because I need it; Otherwise, it is off if you have a Wi-Fi connection available. It is usually better to use your battery instead of using your mobile wireless network (especially if you get the bad signal for your mobile wireless).


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