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Searching for an easy guide to install WordPress on your 000WebHost account? If you are seeking the same query, then you have landed on the right page. Because today in this article, I am going to share the most straightforward and simple method on how to install WordPress on 000WebHost’s free hosting. So, just keep calm and start reading and following this tutorial-

Every day, I saw a lot of peoples choose to start blogging. For starting a blog, there are only two main options available for them. The first one is a free blogger( a google hosted platform) or a Paid WordPress (though you can use a free version of it, but if you are planning to make some money from your blog, then there are no free options for WordPress is available.) Choosing blogger is an excellent way to start a blog initially, but blogger lacks a lot feature that WordPress has. But not everyone can invest some bucks especially if you are a student. That is the reason why today I am writing this article.

Like when I started blogging, I was a school student, so it was very tough for me to ask money to my parents for buying hosting or domain kind of stuff. So I began searching for best free alternatives hosts. After reading a lot of reviews, I came across this website 000WebHost which provides free web hosting with cPanel and especially for an unlimited time. I left this free web host after three months, but I had a great experience with this one. But this free web host doesn’t offer one-click installation on their free hosting plan. So, you will be needed to install WordPress manually on it.

wordpress installation

But when I started with 000webhost, I realize that there is not any easy tutorial for installing WordPress on 000webhost’s free hosting, so today I decided to share a step by step guide by for it so you can start your blogging journey today. So, without wasting more time, let’s move to the guide-

Steps to Install WordPress on 000webhost

Step 1: Create a free account on 000webhost

So, first of all, visit and make your free account there. After successful registration, you will receive two emails on your registered email with the access to your cPanel login and details of your FTP account. Keep them handy because you are going to need them in the installation process.

Step 2: Create a MySQL database

First of all, go to your member area. You can use your login details for this.

000webhost login

After a successful login, you will be redirected to your member’s area. You will see two options in the action column; you need to select cPanel because that is the place where the way of heaven starts. 😉

manage another login

Now, you have to scroll down until you find the Software/service tab, you have to click on “MySQL.”

software and device

After that, you will be redirected to another page where you need to create your database. Use your desired username and password but just keep in mind that you will remember them. Now click on Create Database.

create database

Now you will be redirected to a screen where you will see the details. I prefer to make a notepad or a word file to keep these details secure, so if you are needed these details in future, you can easily access them. 😉


After that click on back to control panel link given below.

Step 3: Download WordPress

At this stage, you have to download WordPress. You can go to its official site for downloading. For you, I have added the link here.

But you will get a zip file, so you need to extract this file on your PC so you can easily access this file later.

Step 4: Download FileZilla

FileZilla is a free FTP client that you can use. You can even use it’s alternative though, but I am using it because I like its clean interface and many other features that its competitor lacks.

Step 5: Upload WordPress files

The second email that you have received from 000webhost contains your FTP’s access. Open that email and also, open FileZilla on your PC.

Now you will be needed to copy your details and paste into FileZilla’s top screen boxes. The password is same as your 000webhost’s password. Leave port box empty. (If you face any error, use “21” in the port field.)

filezilla login

Now click on connect and wait FileZilla to communicate to your host. After a few seconds, you will see the connection is established. Now you have to follow the pictures and the navigation numbers listed on those pictures.

  1. Navigate the folder where we extracted the WordPress Zip file and click on it. (Make sure to click one time only.)
  2. Now double-click on “public_html.”
    filezilla dashboard
  3. Now select all the folders and files. (Make sure to unselect “..” one)
  4. Now right click on any of the selected files and choose “upload” option. This process will take some time to upload all of these files.
    file upload

If everything goes well, you will see same files on the both of the sides of FileZilla. The right side will only have one extra file of .htaccess. (Don’t touch this file. This file contains all of your connections and other important things.)

Step 6: Install WordPress

So, we have uploaded the WordPress files in place. But still, our WordPress site is not in working condition. So, here we need to setup WordPress.

Now open your website’s URL in your browser. Once that webpage successfully loads, you will see a screen like this.

install wordpress

You have to click on “Create a Configuration File” button. After that, you will see another WordPress page with a message.

wordpress installation information

Here you will be needed the details that we have copied in the second step. Click on let’s go, and it will lead you to this landing page.

database connection detail

Now open that notepad file and start using the details. Make sure to leave the table prefix box empty so WordPress will install on your root domain and click on submit.

Now it will redirect you to another page with a WordPress message. (trust me WordPress like to talk a lot.)

wordpress installation information

In this page, you just have to click on “Run the Install” button.

So, we are near to complete this installation process. It will take you to the almost last page of this installation process.

website information

This page will ask you some of the details of your site with your WordPress username and password. Use your site title and username and password for your WordPress site and hit on “Install WordPress.”

Note- Make sure to uncheck privacy button if you are going to start blogging for making some money.

wordpress installed

Woah! On the next screen, you will see a success message. It means your WordPress has installed successfully on your blog. Now you can login using the “Log In” button is given below on that screen. You can also use this URL for going to your WordPress login page, (change yourdomain with your actual domain.)

Now you can use the username and password that you have created recently for your WordPress dashboard login.

WordPress installation is not a tough task if you do it calmly. Also, many of the paid web hostings offer one-click installations on their hostings. But installing WordPress like this will help you in understanding that what is happening on the back side of your web host. And blogging is all about learning new things. 😉

So, guys, this was my quick guide on How to install WordPress on your 000webhost account. Hope this article was helpful for you. So, if you like this article, make sure to share with your friends too. Also, if you have any question related to this article, or have any suggestions for you, Kindly share with us in the comment section below.

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