How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Bookmarks on Chrome, Firefox for PC and MAC


It is very easy to accidentally Deleted Bookmarks in Chrome or Firefox, happens to all of us. And the time when realized your mistake they are gone. If we talk about bookmarking interface it is confusing in both Chrome and Firefox. As I recall I myself deleted them a couple of times by mistake. So I want to share what I learned in restoring bookmarks Chrome and Firefox.

Well, it is somewhat easy to recover deleted bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox. In Firefox, it is rather easy than Chrome because it has a built-in feature of recovering deleted bookmarks, while in Chrome you are required to made changes inside the locally placed folders.

Deleted Bookmarks on Chrome, Firefox

Okay. I will walk you through step by step how to backup chrome bookmarks and recover Mozilla Firefox.

Recover Chrome Deleted Bookmarks

If you somehow managed to delete Chrome bookmarks accidentally and you did not restart Chrome couple of times then it will be easy to recover the deleted Chrome bookmarks. From time to time Chrome takes backup of your bookmarks automatically. And the deleted bookmarks will be in the backup file. So let us take a look of how to recover Chrome bookmarks.

First of all: Don’t close and restart Chrome. On the off chance that Chrome is now closed, leave it. Chrome automatically saves a backup file of your bookmarks, and it overwrites the backup file each time you reopen Chrome.

For Windows

Now launch the Windows Explorer and browse to the following address.

“C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Now replace “USERNAME” with your own system username and hit Enter.

Here you will see two files named ‘Bookmarks’ one file will have the .bak extension. ‘Bookmarks’ file contains your current bookmarks ‘bookmarks.bak’ the file contains the backup of recently deleted bookmarks. You need to check the last edit date for that file to make sure that backup was done before you deleted the bookmarks. Now change the extension of ‘bookmarks’ file to ‘bookmarks.old’.

After doing that rename the ‘bookmarks.bak’ file to ‘bookmarks’ means simply remove the .bak extension. So that backup file of bookmarks will act as your main bookmarks file. When you will try to change the name in windows, it will ask you to confirm the change you made on that file click yes and you are good to go.

Lastly, restart your chrome browser; you will see that your old bookmarks are back.


Firstly you need to open ‘Finder’

Then go to MAC HD > Users > ‘your username’ > library > application support > Google > Chrome > and then finally default (If you have set up more than one profile on your system)

There will be two files named bookmarks and bookmarks.bak in that folder. Then copy the bookmarks file and rename it, and save it somewhere you will remember. At this point delete the first bookmarks file.

And then select ‘bookmarks.bak’ file and rename it as ‘bookmarks’ and make sure to delete the extension of that file. Now your backup file will act as your main bookmarks file and System will automatically create another .bak file for backup.

Now close the finder and restart your Chrome Browser and you can see for yourself that your deleted bookmarks are back in place.

And if you made any changes in bookmarks after the accidental deletion of bookmarks those changes will be lost. Be careful while recover deleted chrome bookmarks not to lose newly added bookmarks.

Mozilla Firefox

For Windows

Firefox clients have it a ton less demanding. In the event that you just accidentally deleted a bookmark or bookmark folder, tap the Organize menu and select Undo to fix the deletion. You can likewise utilize the Ctrl-Z keyboard shortcut. (In case you’re not as of now utilizing the bookmarks library window, tap the Firefox menu and select Bookmarks to open it.)

On the off chance that you deleted the bookmarks a couple of days prior, utilize the Restore submenu under Import and Backup. Firefox consequently makes a backup of your bookmarks every day and stores it for few days. In the Firefox menu pick Bookmarks and after that Show All Bookmarks. On the other hand, you can basically hit ‘Ctrl+Shift+B’. In the bookmarks library, pick ‘Import and Backup’ and after that ‘Restore’.

Here you will get the opportunity to pick which backup you need to restore. The best wager is picked the most recent one preceding you deleted your bookmarks. In case you’re restoring soon after deleting them, pick the latest one. On the off chance that you’ve done this few days prior, go for post dated backup.

Now Firefox will show a warning that recover bookmarks Firefox will displace all your present bookmarks. Consider in the event that you’ve done any changes of late other than erasing bookmarks coincidentally. In a perfect world, the main change amongst now and the backup ought to be the erased bookmarks.

After clicking on OK, it will immediately change the Mozilla Firefox bookmarks. You need not restart your Firefox and your accidentally deleted bookmarks will appear as they were before.


Firefox uses the same process as windows (as described above) to recover bookmarks which you accidentally deleted. As you have read the above Para so you do know how to recover bookmarks Firefox.


Of course, it’s advisable to always take backups of everything you use on your computer and that includes bookmarks too. It’s good to have the backup of everything in case of failure like the fail-safe option. But remember to recover chrome bookmarks don’t heavily rely on backup because Chrome constantly keeps editing the bookmarks backup file and saving new changes made to the Chrome bookmarks. While it is rather easy to recover bookmarks in Firefox because Firefox keeps them for a certain number of days before permanently deleting the backups.

If you have any query about this please let us know in comment section below. It will help us make our solution even better.

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