How to Remove Virus From Your Android Smart Phone Easily


Hey there welcome to the mirchitech blog and here I want to share that how to remove virus from your android smart phone and in previous article I shared How to Use Apple Airpods With Android Phones airpords is the Bluetooth device of iphone and some people think that this Bluetooth device is only available for iphones but after you read this post your mind wil change because there I shared tip[s and tricks to use Bluetooth in android smart phone. You should visit there to read it and also see below tutorial of removing virus from andoird smart phone.

Remove Virus

How to Remove Virus From Your Android Smart Phone Easily

How to Remove Virus by Antivirus in Android Smart Phone

Yes many antivirus programs are available on play store. You need to buy antivrus that work at all. All in one antivirus cover all type of security. Internet security is important for those user who want to use internet in mobile. There are many bloggers are doing blogging by mobile and now in mobile you can see many facility so it is the best for future. 80% people are using mobile internet.

So all of that mean internet security is most important factor for everyone. Here I want to share my experience I am using escan antivirus and it’s work better than other virus and my mobile phone always keep clean by this antivirus program and I am also using internet on my phone but still browsing and surfing is very best in speed and smooth. So you can also try it.

There are many antivirus available for android smart phone like k7 , quick heal, kaspersky and escan but my review to gives 5 stars to escan antivirus program total security. Anyway you can download it from on google play store just download it and then run it and give me feedback by contact us form.

How to Save your Mobile Phone From Virus

yes your mobile phone gets a virus by many way and one is internet. If you browsing online then all website are not safe because website content can harm your mobile and automatically downloads virus in to your android system and your mobile will start hanging by that type of virus. So you need to use only safe site do not open any site because that types of sites can harm your smart phone.

Android smart phone is most important gadget for today’s generation. Today people cannot stay without andorid smart phone so you should need to be safe. Do not open more files at a time. Remove extra messages and extra files. If you are using whatsapp then you need to remove unwanted files regularly because those types of files could harm your mobile.  Do not enter any other sd card or memory card without scanning. Also do not download any file from internet because it is way to enter virus in your mobile.

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So friends here I shared how to remove virus from your android smart phone and I hope you enjoyed that. If you need to more information about this then you should visit our previous articles because I shared many best tips and tricks also I have listed some of them in above. Please contact us to discuss any question. Just go to contact us and type your message and full name and then type your question in detail then send it to us. We will reply you soon within few hours. Share this article on social media like facebook , whatsapp , twitter , instagram , linkedin , reddit , digg , stumble open , medium , tumblr , pinterest and google plus thank you very much to read this post. Good bye and have a nice day.

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