How to Take Screenshot on Windows 10 PC/Laptop?


How to Take Screenshot on Windows 10Summary: Many of the users around the world are using to take a screenshot on Windows 10. It was time to cover some of the beginner basics. After some of the people, e getting new PCs and the laptops, so others are installing the take Screenshot on Windows 10 on their Mac and they have to need some of the help.

There are some of the ways to take screenshots on windows 10. You may know about the print screen, but you know all the other combos? It is something powerful than the apps. How to take a screenshot on windows 7 here are some of the ways to follow. They are

How to Take Screenshot on Windows 10

How to Take ScreenShot on Windows 10 PC/Laptop?

1. Whole Desktop and Copy Keyboard

It is one of the easiest and the most famous methods for the screen capturing and pressing the Print +scr key on the keyboard. You can assume the one. You can print the screen copies, and everything will be visible in the UI to the clipboard, and you have to paste the images. If you are running the multi-monitor setup, print the screen grabs all the displays at once.

2. Whole Desktop and Auto Save

When you were building off the print screen, you can press the windows key on the keyboard and put + SCR at the same time. This method can differ from the above, and it can be saved as image automatically into the pictures and saved as a screenshots directory. When using these styles the screen briefly dims to know, and it can be captured and saved it automatically.

3. Just an App

The handy key combo also builds off the print screen. Instead of capturing the whole desktop and you have to open the apps and captures the full window of an active app. by using the trick you can use just the screenshot an app for sharing and leave the desktop. You have to press and hold the right hand as alt +FN and then hit the space to takes the screenshot within the app.

4. Screen Cap and Share to Windows Apps

Most of the people did not know about the screen cap. If you hit the OS, it will grab a screenshot and push it to the share feature immediately. This tricks can be quickly snap the screen grab and push it to outlook, tweetium or other windows app from the store.

5. Snipping Tool to be Precise

You can search for Windows 10 snipping tool by using the Cortana or search. This tool has been arranged for the ages, but it is very handy for the capturing specific areas of your screen. You can have some of the options to choose from. They are

  • Ree-form snip
  • Rectangular snip
  • Window Snip
  • Full-screen snip

The images can be copied to the clipboard, so you need something which is like to paint to paste to view it. The new in the Windows 10 version can add the delay to the capture which is very useful for something that can disappear when you over it with the mouse.

Some of the Specific Ways

  1. Hardware Keys

It is one of the go-to methods for the screenshotting the whole display. You can press and hold the windows button and then press the volume down button. The screen dims for the second, and the images can save the screenshots folders in the pictures library.

2. Surface Pen and OneNote

By using the surface pen, you have to double click the top button and select what you want to capture the screenshot by dragging the tip of the pen from one corner to the opposite corner.  When you lift the pen tip, your selection can appear in the new page in OneNote. After that you can add more notes otherwise you can draw to the image.

3. Third-Party Apps

All of this solutions you can venture it into the world of the third-party apps. The third party apps can tend to add many more features, and it can be customizations. It may be sometimes easier and more convenient. Some of the features are

  • Greenshot (Free)
  • Screenshot (Free trial, $40)
  • SnagIT (Free trial, $50)
  • LightShot (Free)

Screen mask ($0.99) Windows Store Link

The screen mask is a neat windows store app, and it can share the option in the other windows store app. It is not the deal for the desktop use. By using the tablets, it can offer some handy editing options.

3 Ways to Take Screenshots

Take screen shots in the window

Step 1: you have to tap the screen button on your keyboard. The screenshot is stored in the clipboard, and you have to be paste into the graphics editor such as windows paint.

 Step 2: you have to type paint into the search bar and next to the start button.

 Step 3: Then select the print button.

 Step 4: And click the option paste. Now your screenshot is ready.

 Take the screenshot in the Active Window – Print screen Windows 7

Step 1: you have to click the hit alt and the print screen.

 Step 2: Then type the paint into the search bar next to the start menu and click the control +run and then select the ok button. Now the paint asks you to approve height and width.

 Step 3: you have to select the paint.

Step 4: and click the selected paste. Your screenshot is just of the window now, and you can open and active. Now your screenshot is ready.

Make a Screenshot File Without Using Additional Programs

Step 1: first you have to hit the windows key and print the screen.

 Step 2: If you navigate to the screenshots folder inside the pictures your screenshot will be there.

Benefits of Screen Capture

  • There are lots of benefits by using the screen capture whatever a single task it can be done in multiple times.
  • The screen capture can allow you to share the particular task to be done. The third party developers and operating system creators are Microsoft, Apple, and Ubuntu, etc.


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