How to Track Lost or Stolen Smart Phone


Hello there welcome to the mirchitech blog. Today I want to discuss that How to track lost or stolen smart phone and in my previous article I shared How to Remove Unwanted App Notification in Smart Phone so you should go there for more information about smart phone app notification setting. If you are tired from app notification then you need go there. For example if you are using whatsapp then when you connect to the internet you will receive many unwanted sms and notification on your mobile home  then so you can remove it by above mentioned article.  See below to know how to track any android smart phone and what is requirement.

Stolen Smart Phone

How to track lost or stolen smart phone

Best tricks to track stolen and lost android phone

Stolen Smart Phone

People are crazy for android smart phone and after saving money long time he buy smart phone. And after buy phone they love their smart phone and everytime they care it and fdo a chatting and calling. But when you’re smart phone will steal or lost then what you will do? It is very bad for every smart phone user. If you are facing this type of problem then I have a best solution for you that listed below:

It is recommended to add this setting in every smart phone :

Step 1 : – first go to the google setting in smart phone.

Step 2 : – now go to the security icon.

Step 3 : – then on locate the device option.

So this is the very important for every smart phone user and most recommended setting because nobody know when phone will stolen or lost so it is more better to enable this feature first.

How to track any android smart phone by computer

Open browser and then go to the android device manager. Now you have gmail id to login here. login here by your gmail account. Here you need to check that id Is same or not. Only enter that id which you used in your play store of google in that stolen phone. Now you can see one map and then you can see the track location of your android phone.  Where your phone, this map show you with detail.

Then you can see here three option ring, lock and erase. Ring option is the used when your phone locate, when you choose lock option you need to enter a password and when you click on erase you can delete all your personal data in smart phone.

So friends this is the detailed information about track smart phone when stolen or lost. By this trick you can trace your phone everywhere. This is the very useful and verified trick and it is working 100% but you need to check the some important settings.

Do not use different email In computer or laptop when you login in android device manager otherwise you will not get information about your phone. Andit is recommended to on locate the device option in your android smart phone. If you’re smart phone locates the device feature is off then it will not work.

If your phone locates the device feature is not on then you can contact the company owner. Anyway subscribe this blog to get email delivery notification on your mail of every new post and latest updates. You can easily unsubscribe it from below in email provided by us.


So friends here I shared How to track lost or stolen smart phone and hope read this post carefully. If you have any question about this information just send message to us. Go to contact us and enter your full name and email address then type your message and question in detail then send it. We will reply you soon. Please visit our previous article to get more information about technology and especially information about android smart phone. Share this article on social media. You can use facebook , whatsapp , twitter , instagram , linkedin , reddit , digg , stumble open , medium , tumblr , pintrerest and google plus. Thank you all people who read this posts. Have a wonderful day. Good bye.

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