How to Unblock Your id on Whatsapp?

Hi friends welcome to the mirchitech. In this post we will discuss how to unblock your id on whatsapp? Anyway in my previous article i shared, The Real Truth of Whatsapp Gold Version and i hope you read it. If not then first visit there and read it because now many cheater cheat with you by this bad trick so do not miss this post if you are whatsappp user. Today many people using whatsapp and most popular social media after facebook so this is the most important post for you.


So today’s topic is very best because many people block you on whatsapp without any reason and you need it. For example if you have girlfriend and your girlfriend blocked you accidently or by mistake then this is the most important for you. So do not worry and read this article carefully.

how to unblock your id on whatsapp?

Tips to unblock your own account on whatsapp

Anyay friends here is the trick to get unblock your id so read carefully. So by this trick you can send a message to your friend who blocked you or else you can unblock your account by self. So do not worry this is a very simple.

Step 1 : – first you need to check your friend profile picture.

Step 2 :- then check your last seen of your friend.

Step 3 : – now check your friend last status.

Step 4 : – now send message to your friend if your friend will see it and message see double check then you are not blocked and if single then you are blocked.

Step 5 : – now open whatsapp and then click on setting and then click delete my account.

Step 6 : – now uninstall whatsapp app and restart your phone .

Step 7: – now again download app and install it from play store.

Step 8 :  – so now again open your deleted account and now you are successfully unlocked.

So friends this is the information about unblocking account of whatspp. This is the easy method to unblock your own id from whatsapp. So use it carefully and get back your deleted account after that process completed.

Final words

So dear friends here i shared how to unblock your id on whatsapp? And i hope you enjoyed that. Leave a message if you want to ask any question you can use contact us form for complete that process. Share this article on social media. like facebook , whatspp , twitter , instagram , linkedin , reddit , digg , stumble open , medium , tumblr , pinterest and google plus. Thank you all readers and visitors have a nice day and good bye.


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