How to use Instagram on PC – Upload Photos to Instagram from Your PC $ Laptop


Are you searching for a way to upload photos to Instagram from your PC or laptop? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Here, you can obtain detail on how to use instagram on laptop and PC. Insta gram app is designed for editing, taking, and sharing pictures on your mobile.

Unfortunately, there is no insta gram app for laptop or desktop machine, which would make upload photos and use of app filters easier for you. Even though users request a lot, insta gram does not offer any such feature. However, you can make instagram download for pc by using a third-party application, android emulator, and other ways.

How to use Instagram on PC

How to Upload Photos to Instagram From Your PC:

Bluestacks Method:

If you want to use insta gram app on your laptop or computer, then you can use bluestacks instagram app player. It enables you to upload images to insta gram from your PC. To do so, download and install Bluestacks, wait for a few seconds when the search engine starts. Follow the instructions such as login and set up to perform the task properly.

Bluestacks Download

Dropbox Method:

Another way to use instagram desktop app and upload images from your computer is to access cloud storage service Dropbox. For that, you have to create Dropbox account and install the app on your device. Now drag the photos from the computer into Dropbox folder and synced automatically with the mobile app. Now, tap the photo on your mobile and select export & choose the Instagram app.

Dropbox Download

Web Browser Method: Chrome:

With instagram for chrome, you can upload photos on the insta gram. To do so, go to insta gram websites and sign in. after that, right-click the page-inspect-choose the table icon. Now, your browser switches to mobile view where you can see camera button at the screen bottom. This makes you upload a picture from your desktop to Insta gram.

Note: You can access this method for accessing instagram for pc windows 10

How to Use Instagram Direct on PC:

Have you ever thought to use instadirect message from your PC? If yes, then you can get a solution for your question in this post. This article will share some details on how to use instagram direct on pc.

If you wish to send instagram direct online message from the browser, then follow automated send direct message on the insta gram app. however, this method is working well if you send automatic messages that are not relevant for having a specific conversation.

Thus, you also get to know how to use insta gram direct message on the laptop. To use insta gram for computer, simply open the web browser and visit the official site of insta gram. Now, you have to do insta gram direct login using the insta gram credentials.

After that, download the Bluestack emulator on the computer and search for the Insta gram direct app. Once you have found the app, download and install the app on your computer. Now, you can send messages including profile, photo, video, text, and location to one or more people.

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