How To Use Best New Apple iPhone Tips And Tricks


Whether you are a new user or an experienced use Apple iPhone Tips of Apple iPhone you are most likely not to use your smartphone to the absolute maximum.

The iPhone Tips is an impressive tool with hundreds of fantastic features, but there is a myriad of hidden features and tricks that you may have realized. With these simple tips and tricks, you will not know everything about your iPhone, but you will definitely become a more efficient user.

iPhone Tips

How To Apple iPhone Tips and Tricks

1. You can take a screenshot

The savings you see on your mobile browser for content you can take quick snaps of weird texts iPhone Tips, taking a screenshot can be incredibly useful in a lot of ways. Whatever your iPhone performance is super quick and easy to take is a quick snap; simply press the home key at the bottom of your iPhone at the same time as the button on top of the device. Your screenshot will be saved in your camera roll.

2. Have Fun With Siri

If you have to add the address to the people of your contact list and then ask Siri to take them, then he will give you instructions for your home to iPhone Tips. Speaking Siri about his relationship will cause him to ask him to remember.

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If you agree, he will remember. Then, whenever you ask him for his relation name, he will. Like saying Siri Rebecca my sister tell her that Rebecca will make her sister whenever you ask the question, “Who is my sister?”

3. Instant Scrolling

Now, if Yo scrolled Covina lang rai yali this webfoot, Justa heating them was immediately top of your screen once it was taken on top of two.

4. Automatic Backup

To your iPhone on iCloud, go back to the backup,> iCloud> storage and backup settings and turn on iCloud backup. Without the requirement, it will automatically backup to your phone important data repeatedly to synchronize it.

5. Caps Lock

Then enable the iPhone Tips in the capital metatarsal, the Justa caps were moved to the lock by double tapping rare on your general phone.

6. Extend Battery Life

If you think your iPhone’s battery performance is below par, you can do this by enabling 3G, Bluetooth, and increase push notifications. Just go to Settings> General> Network to do this.

7. Use the Home Button

Once you press the home button you will take it to your main screen. Pressing it twice will take you to the hottest searches you can use to search everything on your phone.

8. Control what appears in Spotlight search

So what to do in the headlines SERCA controlled apparatus, setting> Generala> Spotlight SERCA and select Eka Kord Inga are of your needs.

9. Block Inappropriate Content

This, tap Enable restriction by going to Settings> General> Ban, This allows you to add a passcode and select. Which application you want to make accessible.

10. Download Apps and Music on all your iProducts

If you do not want to have multiple Apple devices and frequently download them for the same apps or music, you can download apps, music automatically and enable iBooks to go to Settings> Store.

11. Send Read Receipts in iMessage

When the Kenova Youth Youth Era late writer everywhere now by enabling “send receipts” message> setting the real text message.

12. Close Programs Running in the Background

Simply hold on the double-tap home button, then your finger down the app you want to stop. Then, once it starts shaking, tap the red loan icon to close it. If this is of great help, you will be able to find that your phone is running slow.

13. You can be a master of autocorrect

If you are typing a note or an e-mail, you could have some issues with the iPhone’s auto-correction or autocomplete features. Sometimes the results are useful and on the right, but sometimes they are anything but helpful. When you pay attention, you do not have to be at the mercy of your iPhone.

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A small text box will pop up and recommend a spelling or a complete word; Press this space key to accept. You do not want to accept the word, tap on the small “x” then appears next to it. With this help, you avoid some mistakes when sending messages.

14. Create your own dictionary

Talking about auto correction and auto completion, you can create your own dictionary. When you enter a custom dictionary, your phone will auto-complete and improve the things you type by putting the words you actually use. To do this, go to “Settings” and then General.

In this menu, scroll down to the shortcut area and tap “Add new shortcut.” Not only that, you will enter custom dictionary words but you can also enter shortcut so that your short forms will end up inputting full words in the article and email.

15. Have custom ringtones for less money

Your iPhone comes with many ringtones and message tones. But these are the same looks that millions of other iPhone users are using. If you want something unique, you may be tempted to shell out big bucks for custom ring tones.

If you want to assign special ringtones to some people or groups, then you can spend a lot of it. So, to get the ringtone without breaking the order bank (and taking away your app budget), you should look at the applications that allow you to sing out the ringtone you already have on your phone.

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Some of this money should be spent and should be purchased only. You want to make a lot of ringtones. If you are only looking to turn out a pair of tones, you can also get a free version of these popular apps.

16. Block your number from other people’s caller ID

Blocking your number can be helpful for any reason. Maybe you do not want to have a pre-call that you need to call for your new number, or possibly you are using your personal number for business, but you do not have professional contacts for your personal points Wants You can easily block your numbers from the “Settings” menu.

There, you should go to the “Phone” area and select the “Show my Caller ID” option, there you can slide on “No”. To make it switch on the back, follow the same steps and need more slides to “yes.”

17. Multitask like nobodies’ business

Because of the reasons many iPhone was one of Android’s preferred, it offered better multitasking. In iOS developed form, multitasking has improved. When you need to quickly switch from one app to another, you just have to press the Home button to leave an app.

Then click the home key again to reveal your most recently used apps at the bottom of the double screen. A quick swipe of the iPhone Tips finger allows you to quickly jerk through all the applications used, allowing you to quickly jump from one application to another; Thus making you more productive.


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