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Developed by evozi, http injector APK has already crossed 10 million downloads on google play store. It is a free tool which is compatible in 4.3 and higher versions of Android. Launched on 18th August 2017, Android application is available inform of Root Checker, Clean Master file manager , Google Play service . the speedy and hassle free download is offered in triple version of http injector free.

Http injector information

With so many restrictions imposed online, things can be annoying to deal. However, http injector is available for the user rescue. The functional http injector settings allows the professional to enjoy the intricacies of applications . the application gets connected with SSH / proxy with the help of custom header.

HTTP Injector Apk

It allows you to reach the blocked website that has been disabled through Firewall installation. The SSH tunneling support and proxy server together allows you to access any site available over the internet. In other words, all the restrictions imposed on the user are removed with the simple download of http injector Android.

The best part of using http injector APK that your privacy remains absolutely hidden no matter whether you use http injector apk for Android or for PC, the application is absolutely protected against any hackers and malicious attack.

It is convenient to use the application through public Wi-Fi hotspot as it hides your IP address and lets you remain invisible while accessing different websites online.

Just like a VPN Service, http injector free internet give you a secured connection through SSH tunnel. It modified the outgoing request and avoid battery drainage.

Features of http injector Apk latest

  1. Allows you to access any website online
  2. Conceals your identity
  3. Easy to use
  4. Free
  5. Rhymes on Google DNS / DNS proxy
  6. Play Load Generator
  7. Android support
  8. Built in SSH client, host checker and IP hunter

The application indicates alternate proxy server and or has the capacity to change the buffer size for transmitting request through it. Amazing application allows you to use substitute headers and set them apart from incoming http responses. Besides, you don’t have to root your devices for using the application. You can generate your own custom message and use hardware ID lock to protect the http injector setting.

Talking about the designing of the application, it is simple fresh and nice with beautiful features and details. You will easily find everything right on the scene with main buttons, help tool login option. Http injection settings can be changed anytime you feel like. Just access the setting option located on the top right hand corner of the device. The colour combination of the application include blue, bread which induce good mood altogether. Moreover, easy readability and usability encounter any deficiency is regarding design and functionality.

User friendliness of the application deserves 5/5 rating. With couple of variance, users can start payLoad Generator and choose generate. Later on, they can choose one of the servers and import the http injector configuration .

The cross platform application uses 4.3 and higher versions of Android. It is supported in all the devices and contains in – app purchases so you need to decide whether the extended version has to be downloaded or not.

How to install http injector for mac / Windows PC

The easy installation of http injector for PC / laptop / Mac OS required the below mentioned steps to be carefully followed.

  • Step 1 -download BlueStacks on your Mac / Windows PC
  • Launch the application on your desktop and create an account on it.
  • Visit settings – account – Gmail
  • After the Blue Stack screen appears, move on to search icon
  • Type http injector and hit enter
  • Screen enlisting http injector name would appear. Clickon it
  • Press Install and http injector download shall begin right away.
  • Access the system information – click accept on the appeared popup
  • Wait for the installation process to get executed as it take certain minutes. After the process is completed, you will automatically see http injector logo on your screen.
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Http injector APK free download

Http injector Android and http injector iOS is designed for internet networking, and better VPN connectivity. It has several dynamic functions and in a lightweight application which is usable with basic steps.

So without wasting any time, let’s know how to use http injector

  • Visit Google Play Store which is already present in all the Android
  • Search for http injector
  • Install
  • Application automatically starts after it is installed

APK Download

Google Play Store

After the application has been installed, it needs you to generate your own. Ehi file

  • Generate SSH account with the help of best VPN SSH / fast SSH
  • Import hostname, password, username and Port within in http injector settings
  • Open the application and visit SSH setting
  • Input the details mentioned above
  • Press back
  • Visit payload generator and choose tick option on normal
  • Input any URL of free sites that are restricted
  • Injection method – normal
  • Query method – na
  • Request method – connect
  • Extra header – click on online host, keep alive and forward host
  • Click on payload generator
  • Save google DNS and open SSH
  • Ensure connectivity through a reliable data connection
  • Save http injector configuration as your own EhI file. Search for alternate port for proxy server if these settings do not work
  • Open http injector
  • Click on file icon -import config
  • Browse the ehi.file
  • Start running on config
  • A notification will soon appear

You are free to enjoy http injector online.

Benefits of http injector app

Http injector APK is the best Android injector. in other words, it is a mobile proxy server that has all the capacity to access blocked website and modify request by encountering the firewall Power. you don’t have to root your devices . the ability for data compression, buffer size alteration and modification of outgoing request are some of the premium features and benefits of http injector.

Hopefully, the above mentioned a data was beneficial and worthwhile for you . Alternatively, you can go for videos that teach http injector download for easing the usability process.

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