Huawei Matebook X Review, Features, Specifications

People say that a fake is a form of flattery, but when you move forward with a fake origin, what do you call it? In the case of Apple’s 12-inch MacBook, it’s called Huawei Matebook X. After testing the water with its first Windows 2-in-1 in 2016, Huawei is making a big push into the laptop market with the Matebook X. The MacBook, Matebook X starts with a beautiful aluminum chassis and adds powerful Dolby Atmos-certified speakers, with a fan heat sink, the full Intel Core CPU, and USB Type-C ports twice

Matebook X

Huawei has also included some technology in the MetatBook X from its smartphone division, which has been included as a power button with a fingerprint reader. Frankly, though the company has a strong phone pedigree, Matebook X surprised me and if Apple, Dell, and others do not see the outside, then it may be that they try to catch Huawei very long Are doing so.

Huawei Matebook X Design: Huawei has made a better MacBook

Logos On one hand, if you got the Matebook X in confusion with Apple’s 12-inch MacBook, why would it not be difficult to see that both systems offer clean lines and vast expanses of smooth, brushed aluminum. This is not a bad thing, though. For many years, Apple has thanked millions of fans for their top level build quality and aesthetics. But on the Mattebook X, Huawei has taken at least some of the designer’s principles on new heights by adding many good improvements.

By integrating fingerprint readers into your power button, Matebook X allows you to turn on or wake up your system and enter Windows with a press – the MacBook can not do this. Huawei also manipulated Matebook X with two USB Type-C ports, preventing people from charging systems and choosing between plugging in a helper. And with the small, 4.4-millimeter bezel on each side of the screen, the performance of the Matebook X wastes less than the MacBook.

Both MacBook and Matebook games are completely fanless designs. But MatteBook X makes it better: While the 12-inch MacBook is at the top with the 6th Intel Core M5 CPU, the Matebook X offers Intel Core i7 U-Series processors.

The Matebook X’s bass is just as good as it gets.

Size-wise, even though the 12-inch Apple MacBook has an edge over Metabox in its small screen, Huawei’s Ultra Portlet is not so big. In fact, its biggest, 0.49-inch thick matebook is slim than the Macbook Is 0.52 inches thick. 2.3 pounds weighing about 15 percent heavier than the Matebook X 2-pound macbook. When you toss the Matebook X in large, it is not enough to notice additional weight, but there is a difference.

Exhibit: There is, even more, room for activities

We have seen that laptops make changes in 4: 3 display wide-screen 16: 9 formats. But now, in an effort to regain some vertical real estate, the Matebook X is included in the system with a 3: 2 aspect ratio on 13 inches 2160 x 1440, non-touch display such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Surface Book. This is a trend that makes a lot of sense because when you are watching windows on both sides, the high screen of Matebook X makes it easy to absorb information from many apps at the same time.

She said, when you see wide screen content – for example, the trailer for my next most anticipated movie “Baby Driver” – you’ll get more exaggerated letterboxing on and off the screen. But the way the Matebook X’s screen showed the bright red and blue light of the TV as if they beat the child, a little extra black space is not a big deal.

With the peak brightness of 375.6 NIT, Matebook X eliminated its competition with 12-inch MacBook (327 nits) and Windows-based systems such as Dell XPS 13 (302 NIT) and Asus Zenbook 3 (309 NIT).

The Huawei’s laptop has a better color range than ZenBook 3, XPS 13 and MacBook. In the Matebook X, 136 percent of SRGB was huge, while Zen book 3, XPS 13 and MacBook were 111, 108 and 100 percent respectively.

Another area where Huawei has extended the one-up to the MacBook is with the keyboard.

One area where the Matebook X was reduced, the color was in accuracy. It has Delta-E rating 7.4, vs 1.3 for XPS 13, 1.08 for MacBook 3 and 1 for MacBook (less number is better). This means that people paying attention to photos or video editing want to look elsewhere.


The quality of sound on the laptop is often a reminder, but with the speakers co-engineer Dolby on Metabox X and distributing the world’s first Dolby Atmos-certified laptop, Huawei is hoping to replace such things as a normal one Weakness in strength

When I talked about Demo 5, on the side of “Let’s Go” on the Matebook X and White Book, I immediately noticed the difference in audio quality. The Matebook X was not just loud enough, but when I had set up the maximum amount of both machines, there was also a decrease in the distortion I heard on the ground book. On top of that, Matebook X created the song’s synthon chord which feels much more left, while the bass line is added to the depth. Lose still does not touch the way you want, but as you add different sub forces to some big gaming notebooks, the Matebook X’s bass is as good as it gets.

At the top of the look better, Dolby’s Atoms Sound System features such as 3D sound, which can simulate the effects of transit audio while using the speaker or headphone. However, because this feature does not work with every song and app, this is a good bonus but should not be genuine.

For software, the Atoms app includes many audios presets, including a customizable equivalent equalizer, dynamic mode, movies, music, and games.

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Performance and graphics: Solid, but a fast SSD would be good

Packing up to seventh gen Intel Core i7 CPU, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD, Matebook X matches easily or you are more than the specs obtained from competitive notebooks. And no proper number of browser tabs and productivity apps were ever made, because the meta box felt very little, even when I opened up to 20 tabs, two spreadsheets and one 1080p / 60 videos on YouTube at the same time.

At Geekbench 4, which measures the performance of the overall system, the score of Metabox X is 8,419, because it performs 15 percent better than the Core i7 Del XPS 13 (7287) and the Asus Zenbook 3 (7,647).

When we ran our Spreadsheet test, which matches 20,000 names and addresses, then MetatBook X returned to Earth, ending with a time of 3:53. It is very solid, but it was slightly behind ZenBook 3 of 3:34 and at the time of XPS 13 at 3:44.

Where things became more interesting, when we tested the PCIE 512 GB SSD of Matebook X when the media files were asked to duplicate the price of a DVD, the Matebook X took 28 seconds, resulting in a transfer of 181 Mbps Speed up. Normally, this would be okay, but in XPS 13, SSDS, MacBook and ZenBook 3 were posting the transfer speed of 339 Mbps, 355 Mbps, and 508 Mbps, respectively.

Finally, when it came to the graphics, the Mattebook returned to the form, with the score of X954 – more than 916 we met ZenBook 3 from Core i7 XPS 13 and 928.

Keyboard and touchpad: shallow but fast

Another area where Huawei has extended the one-up to the MacBook is with the keyboard. Although some people do not like the key travel of 1 millimeter of Matebook X (1.5 mm normal), it gets twice on the 12-inch MacBook (0.5mm). Then, when the key of 62 grams’ aggregation is placed with weight and a good touch click in the lower part of the stroke, then you get a keyboard that is quite sensitive.

At typing test, I did not even have the time to adjust, because I hit 79 words per minute in my first attempt – in the middle of my normal 75-to-80-WPM range sac-dub.

At 4.1 x 2.4 inches, the touchpad is very spacious and recently I used it with a better pad in memory. I do not feel any hard, dead, there are some touchpads, and it’s gestures like pinch-to-zoom and left or There was never a problem to differentiate between right click.

Software: a clean installation of Windows 10

From the box, the Matebook X plays almost ancient setup of Windows 10 Pro. The only one besides, comes through Hughie’s Metebook Manager, which is a one-stop shop to adjust things like power settings and backup data and keep your drivers up to date.

The Matebook Manager also has a portion of Huawei share, which makes it send and receive wirelessly with other devices. There is also a feature that will allow you to sync a Huawei phone with your Matebook so that you can connect to the Internet automatically using your phone’s data connection.

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Port & Webcam: 2 USB Type-C and One Included Dock

While Matebook X plays a USB Type-C port on each side, both ports are not created equal. A little battery icon next to the USB Type-C port on the left tells you that it wants to use for charging and standard data transfer. The USB Type-C port also supports data transfer at the right, but it is specifically designed to support video output via Metadoc 2 built specifically. There is only one port on the whole machine 3.5 mm audio jack on the left. I liked to see at least one USB-C port feature support for some kind of SD card reader and ThirdBot 3, but this is not a deal breaker.

Metadoc 2 extends your connectivity options by adding a USB Type-A port, a USB Type-C port, VGA and HDMI.

Matebook X also plays 1-megapixel camera for all your video chat needs. This is not the fastest or most elaborate webcam I’ve seen, but it will be done. And unlike the camera of XPS 13, the webcam of the Matebook X is in the right place: over display

Battery Life

I’m always worried about battery life while testing a system with a thin, one core i7 CPU, however, with the 8 hours and 41-minute runtime on the Laptop Meg Battery Test. Matebook X is our current UltraApport q to alified Beat the average at 8:21 pm in 20 minutes. Asus’ ZenBook 3 was behind the back, with a runtime of 7:05.

Unfortunately, when compared to Apple and Dell’s major competitors, the battery life of the Matebook X does not look very good. Core i7 xps lasted 13 half an hour at 9:11, while the 12-inch Apple MacBook placed the MetBook X at the top of approximately 9:38 pm with the full hour.

Configuration: 8GB RAM comes standard

However, on the basis of information from the European Declaration of the Company, Huawei has made use of Metabox X’s U.S. We have not released the details for the versions, we are expecting the system to be available in the following configurations:Huawei has not yet fixed the price, either, but the company has assured me that compared to the prices of the existing Euro in the United States, the cost of the

Huawei has not yet fixed the price, either, but the company has assured me that compared to the prices of the existing Euro in the United States, the cost of the Matebook X will be lower, from 1,399 euros for the base model Starts and grows up to 1,699 euros. Core i7 model

U.S. In, Matebook X will be available in two colors: Gold Gray and Gold Metabase X’s Gold version of Rose will be available in Asia only.

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With no fans to calm the system, the change to change the Matebook X temperature depends on the chain of cells and, despite a full Intel Core i7 CPU heating and handling superbly body, Matebook X has our heat Tested. After we streamed 1080p video from YouTube for 15 minutes, the hottest place on the entire system was on the floor near the brink, and measured only 92.5 degrees Fahrenheit, below our traditional 95 degree comfort level safely. Cooler over the system, measuring 85.5 degrees between G and H key, and 82 degrees on touchpad.

Ground level

With Matebook X, Huawei has done a lot of things I have to do for a very long time: the creation of a Windows laptop and quality with Apple’s top notch design. But the Matebook X is not a straight-up copy, either a combo fingerprint-reader / power button, is a great example of crossover techniques from Huawei’s Smartphone Division. And with small side bezel, a fast CPU, and USB type-C ports and a included dock, Huawei has improved the blurring of the apple while simultaneously helping to make the laptop easier for daily use.

I would have liked a bit more battery life and a faster SSD, but those flaws are minor against the only Matebook X. 16 GB RAM will also look good on top-end core I7 configuration, though we still do not have the official US. Waiting on pricing, if Huawei makes a right with his word about listing the Metbook X at a lower price than its current euro sticker, then it will be cheaper than the equivalent MacBook.

Between Dell and Huawei, I still prefer Xpace 13 due to its long battery, more ports and less cost, even if it is from hair only. But there is something behind my mind that keeps calling for the Matebook X. For laptops, which is the only other system in Huwai’s latest move in Windows PC, Metabase X is a great machine.


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