Huawei Q1 Will Beat Other Smartphone Company In 2017


Huawei Q1 release topped P10 Plus and P10. The smartphone market in China. According to research firm Canalis. The company exported 21 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2017, claiming 18 percent of market share.

Huawei Q1

Huawei router removed the top position from the opponent’s opposition. Which claimed the status of number one smartphone in China in the last two-quarters. It went down to second place in the first quarter of 2017. But it was close to Huawei with just over two million phones exported. Vivo went to the third place, with 17 million units’ shipment.

The top three companies controlled over 50 percent of all Smartphone shipments in China during the quarter, according to Canals.

The firm claims that China saw a total of the 114 million Smartphone in shipped during the first quarter of 2017. Up 9 percent compared to the same period a year ago.

Huawei Q1 Will Beat Other Smartphone

Xiaomi, a few years ago, was China’s largest smartphone company. Now ranked fifth in the market behind Apple. Canalys says, Xiaomi sent more than 9 million units to the quarter. The company has recently confirmed that it will not launch phones in the US and Western European markets soon until 2019 Huawei q1 router.

It will be interesting to see if Huawei can maintain that number one slot during in the quarter, even with the strong competition from Vivo and Oppo. Recently, rumors hit the internet. The Huawei was in talks with AT&T, centering on the carrier possibly selling one of Huawei mobiles in the US. So far, those reports have yet to be confirmed, of Huawei Q1 Smartphone Company.

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Chinese Smartphone player Huawei has released. it’s the 2016 financial report, revealing the company shipped 130 million Smartphone globally over the course of 2017 Huawei Q1, A1, A1 Lite Wifi Router.

In its most recent earnings report. The company posted a net profit of approximately $5.38 billion in the US dollars, a growth of 0.38% on the previous 2017 and an increase in revenues of 32% year on 2017.

Huawei Rotating CEO said that in 2016, Huawei q1 router maintained its strategic focus and achieved solid growth. As humanity continues to explore and make new breakthroughs in the digital world, digitization and increasing intelligence present huge business opportunities for all industries, and are also paving. The road for new growth for the ICT industry.


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