How to Download iMessage for PC Windows [Perfect Methods]


[kkstarratings] Everyone using Whatsapp and Messenger from Facebook, but for All Apple, user’s like me always get the best experience of messaging on iDevices and that is iMessage App.

And for them who use Windows OS or Android OS always want to try iMessage but they can’t because Apple didn’t provide iMessage for Android and iMessage for PC 2017.

And they always try to find the perfect solution or method to try iMessage on Windows PC or on Android devices.

Today I cover this issue and will share the perfect 2 methods with you which will be so helpful to those who have a craving to use iMessage on PC with hurting their windows OS that means here, I will not tell you to run iOS on Windows.

So don’t worry, your Windows PC will work fine like before and you can also run iMessage for PC Windows 10 as well as for other Windows OS versions like Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

iMessage for PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10)

imessage for pc

Apple’s iMessage for Windows PC is much awaited and founded topic on the internet for very long time but very few bloggers out there who can share perfect method to use imessage on PC and today I will try to share my personal method with you which I used to do when I was a hardcore user of Windows and always try to use Apple software’s and apps on my Windows PC.

Because of we all techy and non-techy people aware of one fact which are Apple products are amazing to use and having Apple’s product with their amazing service, we can’t compare this with anything.

I know there are lots of people out there who feels same while using windows, Don’t quote me on that, I am not saying Windows OS is waste but my concern is that Apple always provide customer-oriented products, YES their products come with high price tag but they always provide best after sell support to their customers.

And plenty of my friends asking me how to download imessage on PC and using imessage for PC for free and today I will cover entire article on this topic which you already know as I mentioned above.

Once you follow my methods carefully, you can send messages via imessage with Windows PC. So don’t skip a single line on this article and relax your mind and follow my simple and quick step by step methods and enjoy imessage on PC for free.

So let’s dig into perfect methods, and find out the how to use imessage from PC.

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How to Use iMessage on PC [Windows] {Method : 1}

In this method, I will share with you simplest method called “Chrome Remote Desktop” method, which is one of the simplest processes to using iServices on Windows PC. So if you will succeed with method then you can enjoy imessage on PC and if not then you can further check out next method [2nd Method Below].

If you are an owner of a Mac computer and you want to try iMessage via PC, then Chrome Remote Desktop will help to run it easily. YES, you need to have Mac for this method or you can also take help of your friends Mac.

Note: Both Mac and Windows PC must be connected to an Internet connection for remote access and we recommend Wi-Fi for best practice.

  1. Download Google Chrome Brower on both computers.
  2. Now sign-in in Google Chrome via your any Gmail ID, use that ID on both computer’s chrome.
  3. Now install “Chrome Remote Desktop” chrome extension on both computers with this LINK.
  4. Once you have done Installation part, click on ‘Launch App’ from right top corner button.
  5. Now we need to install another program on Mac called “Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer”. So download and install it on Mac. Provide your Mac password to run this program on your Mac.
  6. Now run Chrome Remote Desktop on your Mac. It will share 12 digit code to you, you need to note it down. You need this code to enter on Chrome extension which you installed on your Windows
  7. Now launch Chrome extension on your Windows PC and enter above noted 12 digit code and you will now have remote access to the Mac

Note: This method is for those, who have both computers and he/she wanted to access iMessage on both platforms without shifting their chair to one place to another. So I hope this method will work for those users.

Using iPadian Emulator on PC {Method : 2}

iPadian is an emulator for Windows to run iOS apps on Windows PCs. As you might aware that emulators provide you different OS on different OS, For Example, You can run iOS system OS on Windows OS.

Below you can understand the process of How to use iMessage using iPadian on Windows PC:

  1. Open a browser on your Windows PC and type [] and download iPadian installer on your PC.
  2. Now .exe file and Install it on your PC.
  3. Once you were done, run the iPadian emulator on your Windows
  4. Sign in with your Apple iTunes ID and Password and if don’t have then make one for you, it’s FREE. Sign up For Apple ID.
  5. Now you can run iOS on your Windows PC without having Mac or any other iDevice.
  6. All you need to do now, look for iMessage on it and download & Install and log in via Apple ID and enjoy iMessage on PC.

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Final Conclusion:

I hope you liked this post and find it useful for you. You can now use iMessage on PC and enjoy Apple Messages on PC without having Mac or iPhone. So if you this post on iMessage for PC then don’t forget to give us a quick share on social media platforms and give us our reward.

We are lucky to have you here and if you have found any issue or have any type of tech query then just contact us via our contact us page and we will happy to help as soon as possible.

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