How to Increase Battery Backup of Laptop


Hey there welcome to the mirchitech blog and here i want to tell you how to increase battery backup of laptop and read carefully to understand better. In my previous article i shared Best Android Top 5 Games 2017 | Top Rated Games and i hope you enjoyed that post because it is very long post and sorry for that ut it is more informative post so that is the reason why that post is so long.


Anyway if you are read that post then come here and read it. Because it is the also great information for laptop users. Every new laptop gives best battery backup and ultra book gives you eight hour battery backup but after one year or less your battery backup decrease down to 1 hour so it is really sad moment for you. But don’t worry because i want to share some tips for you that will help you to increase your battery Backup.

how to increase battery backup of laptop


Tips to increase your laptop battery life

So battery backup is not difficult to increase but you need to do something. Here are the points that you need to learn:

1 – Decrease your brightness

Yes this is the main problem so you should need to decrease your brightness as less as possible. You can work with low brightness but some people are using high brightness for normal work but you can work with low brightness and low contrast easily so do not use high contrast.

2 – Minimize program that you are not working

Yes this is also your big mistake when you are working in laptop then do not keep open your other windows because if you are not working on it then you need to minimize it. If you will need it then simply maximize it so use minimize and maximize option. Because there are lot of people are opened more than five or ten windows and works only in one so this is so not fair.

3 – Close unwanted program

Yes you need to close completely that programs which you are not working on it. For example in laptop you can see many program opened automatically and invisibly. So you  need to check that type of program just click ctrl + shift + esc to open task manager and then you can see there the programs that works  in your laptop just remove such a programs because those programs decrease your battery life. Download manager and vpn are that types of program.

4 – Close USB and other plugged in if you are not working

Yes many people using net setter dongle and pen drive but do not remove it after they will complete work and you know this is harming your battery life. Plugged in is also affect you battery life so that’s all mean you need to remove it if you are not works on it.

5 – Charge your laptop carefully

Yes carefully some people over charge his laptop and this is the not good for your battery life of your laptop. You should care your lappy. Many people do not remove the charging even the charging is fully completed. So this is also harming your battery.

You need to charge your battery up to 85 % to 90 %. Do not full charging just leave little.

So friends these all tricks are only for those people who want to increase their battery life of any laptop after you follow this trick, you can see changes and your battery life increase up to two hour more. And this is the truth.

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Final words

So friend this is the detailed information about how to increase battery backup of laptop still have a question then don’t worry and ask us question by contact us form.  Share this article on social media like facebook , whatsapp , twitter , instagram , linkedin , redit , digg , stumble open  medium , tumblr , pinterest  and google lus. Thank you all visitors and readers keep visiting and keep reading. Good bye and have a nice day.

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