How to Increase Internal Memory of Any Android Phone


Hey there welcome to mirchitech blog and here I want to share information about how to increase internal memory of any android phone and if you want to understand better then keep your mind here. In my previous article I shared Samsung Flow App Will Get Support for Windows 10 and More Galaxy Devices, Company Confirms and I hope you enjoyed that post

Internal Memory

how to increase internal memory of any android phone

Internal Memory

Tricks to increase internal storage of mobile phone

So friends these are the easy trick and workable or all mobiles so you should try this. This I the very helpful information and most important because many android smart phones hang because of low internal storage. So after this trick you will use your android smart phone without any trouble and hang problem. So what is the internal storage?In simple language we can say that is a phone memory.

So today everyone know that what is the importance of phone memory. So if you have low memory storage then forget about it. When you buy any android phone like Samsung or xolo then you check the memory of phone it has maximum 1 gb but don’t worry try this.

You need to have class 4 memory card and totally blank memory card and minimum 2 gb space required so remember this information.

It is most important to root your phone if you want to use more features of android smart phone.  You need to  use computer or laptop to apply this trick so let’s start the game:

Step 1 : – first you need to download the software in pc and the name is mini tool wizard so download it now. But remember do not use cable in mobile phone because it is not good and may it will affect your phone. So you must use card reader to try this trick.

Step 2 : – so don’t use data cable and then after you connect card reader install that downloaded software.

Step 3 : – then you can see all rive of computer you can also see your memory card in there.

Step 4 : – if you are not formatted your memory cardthen you can format it from here just right click on your memory card and then click on delete.

Step 5 : – the your memory card all data will deleted.

Step 6 : – then you can see unallocated then click to create.

Step 7 : – now in create as bale section, select primary but remember if you are using more than 2 gb memory card then select FAT32 system. If you have less than 2 gb memory card then select only FAT32 .

Step 8 : – now if you want to increase it then select it. For example if you have one gb memory card then select 1 gb to get 2 gb memory card.

Step 9 : – now again right click on unallocated then click create.

Step 10 : – now you are in c rate option. In cerate as option select primary and in file system select ext2  then click on ok button.

Step 11 : – click apply to everywhere.

Step 12 : –  now the process is started just wait for it. Then you will be receiving the message of successful.

Step 13 : – now switch off your smart phone and enter your memory card.

Step 14 : – download the lin2d sd application in mobile. Now install it and open it.

Step 15 : – now click on ext2 device.

Step 16 : – now reboot the device.

Step 17 : – now your phone will restart internal select and then select the multi.

Step 18 : – now you will see the three option select all of them.

Step 19 : – after you complete that process click on it .

So that is simple. Then you will download any game or app on google play store then you can see it will install in there.

Last words

So friends this is the information about how to increase internal memory of any android phoneand I hope understand it. Please share this article on social media. Keep visiting and keep reading. Thank you all readers and visitors. Good bye.


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