How To Increase A Laptop’s Battery Life With Simple Tips


When you continue on this move and trust your laptop that you need the most, then you need to make sure that your battery will not suddenly drain on you, which will make you feel ashamed. If it looks like a situation that you meet often in yourself, then you probably should upgrade to a laptop battery with a long Battery Life.

Battery Life

Boost Laptop’s Battery Life

But if this step looks a bit rigid, then there may be some things that you can do to prolong your Battery Life, when you do not have access to a major supply.

Turn your screen brightness down

Most modern laptops allow you to control the brightness of the screen. As you can expect, bright screen, more power is required. Dim the screen and you can know that your battery lasts a lot longer.

Close programs that are not being used

This is often the case that you will run many programs, yet you are using one or two of them. Although you can not see them running, they can run in the background, add more CPU to your CPU load and use. Do not use programs and save energy. If you are unsure about programs running in the background, just open Task Manager.

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Clear battery contacts

You can clear the connection points on your laptop’s battery anymore. Reduce a cloth with alcohol and use it to clean points. Clean points mean that the electric current can cross efficiently in Battery Life, which means that you can save the wasting power.

Use the CD / DVD drive strictly

Use enough energy to operate CDs and DVD drives. If possible, choose to use hard drives instead, because it requires less energy

Regularly defrag your hard drive

If you regularly defrag your hard drive, it will work more efficiently. Your hard drive is running more efficiently, there is less demand on the battery, which means that you will get more life from it! As an added benefit, it will also help to accelerate your computer.

Do not use wireless networks

If you do not need a wireless connection, it is better to turn off the wireless receiver on your laptop because it puts unnecessary pressure on your battery. Most laptops are easy to detect in order to turn off the wireless network

Disable unnecessary visual effects

To show all those amazing visual effects, your computer needs computing power. More computing means more battery consumption. Therefore, if you want your battery to last longer, it is preferably closed or at least tone recommended to reduce those visual effects.

Change power plan

Changing your power scheme to power saver adjusts your settings to your computer using minimal power and gives you extended battery life Most operating systems allow you to change power plans.

Clean air vents regularly and keep your laptop cool

Your laptop will work more efficiently at lower temperatures. If your air spots are full of dirt and dust, then the machine can not be cooled efficiently. Regularly checking that air can pass independently through the air, you can ensure that your laptop remains as quiet as possible. You can use a brush or light salt cloth to remove any dust or dirt. For better cooling, you can try a laptop cooling pad.

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Avoiding External Devices

Peripherals, such as external hard drives, iPods, and even your mouse can also put unnecessary stress on your battery. If it is not at all crucial that you use these peripherals, then close them and disconnect completely to save battery usage.

Only multitask when necessary

After doing music for downloading files and creating a Word document, for example, to do many tasks at any one time, will put unnecessary pressure on your computer again. When the power of the battery is low, do not do much work on your laptop and remove the battery quickly.


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