Steps to Increase Mobile App Engagement for Android Apps


App engagement is genuinely one of the biggest challenges for developers. Exciting ideas are great, but they are not enough to engage people in your app.  There are steps you can take to increase mobile app engagement.

An Attractive Store Listing

To get people to download your app from an app store, you must focus on more than the features.  Inform your potential users of the problems your app will solve. Make the benefits of your app clear to the users.  Provide easy ways for people to provide feedback.

App Engagement

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Increase Mobile App Engagement for Android Apps

Instant Customer Support

Instant support is provided to the customer when they enter a brick and mortar business.  Mobile apps are no different. REVE Chat is a great way to ensure your users with instant support through a team.  The fact that the chat is provided within the app increases the convenience which your users will love.

Simplify the Experience

Users will leave the app if the onboarding experience is too complicated.  To make the process less complicated, reduce steps for creating the account.  Do not provide too much information at one time. App tours are excellent for giving users a greater understanding of how the app functions.

Easy to Share on Social Media

Your app should easily promote itself when shared on various social media networks.  Be sure to enable users to share the content.  Users find this exciting and helpful, and it will further market your app.

Effective Visual Design

Navigation should be smooth and interactive.  Animation livens your software. Users should be absorbed in the app from the beginning to the payment process.  People love speed and functionality.

Technical Design that is Distinguished

Use a developer that provides excellent technical design as they understand the more complex language coding that is involved with Android apps.  Each device update maintains functionality.  

Use Push Notifications

Push notifications that are set up correctly will increase user retention.  Users are reminded that your app is downloaded on their devices when you use push notifications.  The reminders announcements provide will give users a reason to return to your app for continued use.  

Mobile Personalization

A compelling app has excellent mobile personalization. The user’s experience must be unique. If a user’s preferences are efficiently attained, your app will continue to be engaging.  Uniform experiences are not appealing. Setting up usernames is a simple yet effective way to personalize your app.

Communication Should Be Two-Sided

When you ask users to provide feedback, they will feel that their input is valued.  Keeping the lines of communication open will ensure that users will not be posting negative reviews.  Addressing questions and concerns will build user loyalty, bring positive reviews, and boost engagement.

Incentives Attract People

Users need to have incentives to use your app.  Coupons, special promotions, and rewards are fantastic ways to encourage user engagement.  The specific incentives provided will depend upon the nature of the app.

In the technology age where apps are gaining popularity, new apps will not be successful and widely used unless they are simple yet dynamic, attractive, and a cut above the rest.


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