Instagram Now Supports Photo Uploads From Mobile Site

Hi, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Instagram Now Supports Photo Uploads From Mobile Site. Instagram has just pushed out an update for its users which is BIG news for everyone, especially iPad users. The company has updated its mobile website, which will now allow users to post their photos from within a smartphone web browser.


This may not seem like a big deal to most of us who use the app on our smartphones, but iPad users would definitely rejoice since they can now use Safari to post photos to Instagram. For some reason, Instagram has remained inexplicably aversive to creating an iPad app, despite the fact those mods iPad owners to end up using the tablet as a camera.

Instagram now allows uploads from mobile website

Posting using the Mobile Browser

If you would like to us your mobile browser for posting images, you do not have to look for or apply any updates at your end. This new update is a server side change and will reflect all users. We tested the feature on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ using the Chrome browser and found the little camera button present in the bottom tray, just like it is in the app.

Once you click on the camera, you can either choose to use the device’s camera to take a photo for posting to Instagram or you can choose to use the file browser to pick an existing photo to post on the photo sharing platform.

Posting using the Mobile Browser

This new update isn’t accessible via the desktop browser, and no, adding I’m’ before the URL won’t invoke the mobile website for Instagram. However, there is a way desktop users too can post to the network. We tried this trick in Google Chrome for desktop and it worked flawlessly. First, you will need to launch Chrome, go to the Instagram website and login with the credentials for the account you want to post from.

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Once you’re logged in, just hit the F12 key on your keyboard to bring up the Developer Panel. Which will open up on the side of the browser and show a bunch of code? At the top of this window, you will find an icon for what looks like a smartphone overlapping a tablet. Click on this symbol and it will switch the view of your browser to the mobile view.

Once you have the mobile view, you will see the same icons that you would in the Instagram app. The only difference here would be that when you click on the Camera icon at the bottom. There is no option to activate your device’s camera (could be a built-in or connected webcam). You can only post photos that are already stored on your hard drive, selecting which. The process will be very familiar.

Some Caveats

The ability to upload photos to Instagram using the mobile browser would greatly benefit many, there are some serious caveats. For starters, none of the filters can be accessed from within the mobile browser. This means that whatever photo you want to share on the image sharing platform, is going to have to be pre-edited in another app.

Secondly, there is no option for sharing to other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. You can still give captions and add hashtags, but that’s pretty much it. While cross-sharing is something that we can live without, the lack of access to the Instagram filters and editing tools is a huge let-down, given that the filters are the biggest USP of the app.

If you’re someone who’s going to be using the browser for posting to Instagram, do tell us if you encounter any bugs or issues.


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