200 Million More People Use Instagram’s Stories Feature Than Use Snapchat

Instagram Stories are now bigger than Snapchat. In a blog blog blog, Instagram owned by Facebook said that more than 200 million people now use its stories every day. On the other hand, Snapchat has announced with its IPO (Initial Public Offering) that there are over 160 million daily active users in the service.


Instagram Stories have a quick increase, up from 150 million in January. In August, the storyline forwards announced, in October 100 million daily active users were.

Instagram stories are essentially a rip in the Snapchat Stories feature. The success of Instagram Stories can be attributed to the fact that it has a much wider reach than Snapchat. This is most popular among teenagers.

Facebook has also started a storied facility for its other products. Stories are now available for Facebook’s main app with Messenger and WhatsApp. Stories allow users to post videos and photos that disappear within 24 hours.

Instagram has developed some new features well-suited for Android and iOS users. She has introduced self-stickers and pinning features with geo-stickers for four more countries.

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Now, the Stories user can change his selfie in a stacker by tapping on the smiley face icon that appears after clicking on a photo. There is a new sticker with the camera icon that allows users to catch mini-safe, different frame styles like fade or circle can be added before or after clicking on a photo.

Instagram Stories Now Has Over 200 Million

In January January, according to information of 150 million users, Stories have risen to more than 200 million active users. The stories of are doing better than the clone snap chat, which is only 158 million users. Snapchat’s stories feature was a successful success, and Facebook did not duplicate it on all its platforms. While the success of Stories on WhatsApp and Facebook is questionable, it has been a success on Instagram Stories. However, the Messenger of David Marcus recently said that Messenger Day is closed for a big beginning between teenagers.

With the announcement of 200 million users, Instagram is presenting a new set of tools to make stories more creative for its users.

Instagram is launching pinned stickers (another feature copied from Snapchat) which allow users to ping the sticker in their video. As the subject runs, the pin-sticker also runs in the video. Stories are presenting an original idea that allows users to convert their styling into a sticker.

In addition, Stephanie Stickers can be pinned to a special place in a video. Users will need to tap and hold the sticker and take it to an object. After setting a place for the sticker, click on the ‘Pin’ Insta.

Instagram started August last year. The product is openly open to the head of the Kevin Weil Stories. Admitted that the facility was inspired by its stories of Snapchat, but it is also argued. That it was only part of a general trend towards sharing more visual media. Now by highlighting new usage data, Instagram is clearly Snapchat. Which became public this year and next month its first-quarter earnings report is set to be pressed. Snapchat revealed during its IPO that it ended with 2016 of 158 million daily active users.


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