How to Install or Use Kimbho App on your Smartphone, Laptop, pc


How to Install or Use Kimbho App – Kimbho is the Sanskrit word which is used to ask about someone’s well-being.  Of course, it is also equivalent to ‘What’s up?’ or kimbho means to say ‘Hello, how are you?’ overall, this app will give tough competition to whatsapp.

Kimbho empowers is the powerful app that allows for the private group chat with the free phone as well as video calling options. However, Kimbho App also has dozens of amazing features with the help of this you can easily share text audio, photos, videos, location, GIF, stickers, quickies, Doodle and more.

Yoga guru Ramdev’s company Patanjali has launched Kimbho and it will give a very tough competition to other social messaging Whatsapp. It is the Desi or Swadeshi messaging application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store as well as Apple Store.

Kimbho App

Kimbho Desi/Swadeshi Messaging App – An Overview:

Kimbho features many innovative options and it works like a WhatsApp, with the help of this app one can either send direct messages or also create new groups to send out messages. Even you can also use form broadcast lists, as well as follow celebrities and doodle. When it comes to entering the app, the registration is quite basic, in this you need to add your number as well as need to verify using an OTP sent by Kimbho.

Then your saved contacts appear in your contact list. In general, the app’s homepage contains three tabs such as Contacts, Activity, and Chats. It has a lot of similarities to WhatsApp. Obviously, the logo is pretty much similar to WhatsApp’s. The middle of the chat bubbles in Kimbho’s logo is conch this will mean how people would call each other during the ancient ages.  This app has entirely different in terms.

Patanjali’s messaging application is the best choice for the people to chat with their friends and others without wasting money. Most importantly, this app also comes after the firm lined up with Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards.  Even Patanjali has tied up with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd by launching SIM cards.

messages exchanged on Kimbho are really secured by Advanced Encryption Standard  (AES) protocol apart from that this app is also powered by advanced socket technology this will ensure the instant as well as real-time messaging. So you no need to worry about any factors, it is the best app that allows anyone to enjoy stress free chatting.

Kimbho App is similar to whatsapp and also includes some additional option to offer a fun experience to you. Patanjali has come out with an innovative app that contains regular options. it is the mass market chat app that offers great choices to the users. It is the first Swadeshi chat app. there are no servers involved to relay messages.  So you no need to worry about any factors

Kimbho App Features:

  • Advanced Security: Most importantly Kimbho App also comes with innovative options. Especially this app having security features that also ensure encrypted messaging by AES. In addition, it supports ghost chatting, wipe out features as well as auto delete chatting.
  • Real-Time Messaging Features: in general, this app allows you to get innovative options. It is the real-time messaging service and this app is also powered by advance socket technology.
  • Privacy: However Kimbho App allows users to block other users, block conversation, leave etc. in general, patanjali communication also claims that they don’t save data on their cloud as well as servers.
  • Single Click Texting: With this app, you can easily send quickies these are message templates for quick messages as well as replies.
  • Personalise: Most importantly, the user can make as well as use custom themes apart from that use wallpapers for the app.
  • No Ads: overall, this app is free to download and you can enjoy your chatting without any inbuilt ads
  • Easy Media File Sharing: easy media file sharing is one of the great options; with this users can easily share photos, doodle, music files, video, photo, location, links, contacts, sticker, gif as well as other files.

Download Kimbho App For Android Play Store:

Kimbho App has been delisted from the Play Store, you can get this from any of  Android devices, which included the OnePlus 6, Pixel 2 XL, the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S8, the Redmi Note 4 and among others. Kimbho app is freely available for download on Google Play store

Google Play store

Download Kimbho App For Iphone:

  • Go to the apple play store
  • Then search for Kimbho App
  • You will see the App on apple Play Store
  • Then tap on install to enjoy chatting

Apple Play Store

Kimbho App For Windows Or Mac- How To Install App On Your Laptop?

In general, this app is not available for Mac, Windows or your laptop. Soon will update and it will be available on Laptops.

Kimbho App For Windows

Download Kimbho Apk Free Download:

You can easily download the Kimbho App from Google Play Store and it is the free app that allows you to enjoy a lot of features. In order to get this app, you need to follow the steps given below

Download Kimbho Apk

  • First, you need to go to Play.Google.Com or you just launch Play Store on your smartphone
  • After that, you need to search for Kimbho App
  • Next, you will see the App on Play Store
  • After that, you need to tap on install and that’s it
  • Finally, you can enjoy happy chatting with friends


Kimbho is one of the best messaging apps similar to Whatsapp, Yoga guru Ramdev decided to give it a competition by launching Swadeshi app called Kimbho. This new messaging application features advanced options and supports so secured chatting so users can enjoy a lot while using this app. Kimbho App also comes with innovation options to give tough completion to whatsapp.

Ramdev’s Patanjali said messaging app Kimbho will be the best app and officially launched soon for Mac, laptop etc. For more info about this app, you must stay updated by visiting the official website.

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