Top Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternative Sites 2018


There is various advantage associated with the wayback machine alternative. This one makes the job very easier for the users. Today, it has been used by millions of users. Most of the people depend on the Wayback Machine alternative and see the details correctly. It allows the user to view the deleted information of the websites.

Some people use this one for improving the business strategy against the competitor. You can move one step against your competitor in the business. It gives the power to your business and you can view the web history in a simple manner.

You can also able to see the archived version of the web page. This type of alternative is to archive whole internet. You can get the access for looking the deleted information of the website with the help of the Wayback Machine.

You can receive the excellent proficiency and get the reliable function of the sites. With the advent of the technology, you can utilize the internet and search more about the wayback machine alternative. You can learn how it is beneficial for your business and see the features of using an alternative. It is a great one for your business improvement and other concern.

Ways to Use the Wayback Machine:

There are different methods to use this one for gaining the archived website. You can visit the official site of the Wayback Machine. In the address bar, you can type of correct details on it and then choose the enter button.

You can see the information appear on your screen that contains the saving information about this alternative. The users can search how to use wayback machine to see the archive websites quickly without any hassle. You can concern about the way back machine google check for finding the archive page.

You can search the website that you need to save and copy the URL. You can see the header that contains the save page now. You can paste the URL into this site and save it into the text box available on the page. You can save it properly and archive websites easily.

Here Are The Best Five Wayback Machine Alternative:

1. Screenshots:

It is the best Wayback Machine alternative that helps you to get the details about the particular website worked in the past. It is considered as a great alternative. It can function based on the whois database domain. Wayback machine alternative can able to restore the sites and other records in the form of screenshots.

It can take the record based on the number of times that site is upgraded. It is the well-known alternative if your wayback machine not working properly.

  • It is easy to use alternative
  • It comes up with the simple interface
  • The users can learn the records and other information quickly
  • This Wayback Machine keeps up the accurate storage
  • The users click the website snapshot that not copy to your site


It is the most suggested alternative for the wayback machine. It offers the smooth functioning to the users. This is so popular due to the function, user-friendly and quick navigation. If you visit this alternative, you can get the two search bar. This wayback machine search can contain the content of any websites.

You can get the power to access the content quickly. You can gain the greatest features after using this one. The Wayback Machine gives you an option to share the screenshot of the website with others. It gives the best feature to download the report and screenshots of the content.

  • You can visit the archive website at any time if you want
  • It allows the user to explore for any domain and get snapshot of the domain
  • It gives the good navigation process
  • Utilize the small detail

3. Competitor Screenshot:

You can get the regular screenshots of the websites, social media and campaign.  In order to access this Wayback Machine, you can first register the site and get the dazzling features of it. It is the trusted wayback machine that brings lots of attributes to find out the website screenshots and other. You can access the quick view option to see any site on it. So, you first need to register it and then use.

4. iTools:

It is a simple and easy wayback machine that gives the best access to use the archive tools. You can get the information at any time. This Wayback Machine uses the Alexa database for storing the details. It is perfect for boost up the site and you can gain access to the popular sites also.

5. Pagefreezer:

It brings the good accessibility to the users. It is a preferable one among the users. This type of Way back Machine has acquired the full functionality. It perfectly boosts up the website. It is very easy to access the archive web page. You can check this site and gain enough features of the alternative.

16 Alternative Sites Like Wayback Machine

1. Internet Memory Foundation
2. Croatian Web Archive
3. Archive-It
5. GeoCities Archive
6. Finnish Web Archive
7. Estonian Web Archive
8. Competitor Screenshots
9. Stillio
11. WebCite
12. Memento Time Travel
14. CachedView
15. PageFreezer
16. UK Web Archive

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