How to Check iPhone Data Usage [Easy Way]

[kkstarratings] Are you looking for simplest way to check your iPhone Data Usage with the app and without app then you have landed on a perfect post because, at MirchiTech, We strongly believe in straight forward point to point solutions for all our lovely audience?

In today’s technology era, we are using smartphones and smart devices which help us to understand the upcoming new era of the tech world.

We (You and Me) use two types of smartphones mostly first iPhone and Android. As we are talking about iPhone today, so we will not talk about Android data usage in this post.

How to Easily Check Your iPhone Data Usage

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So If you are looking for iPhone data usage app free to download on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 then you will get iPhone data usage monitor app and if you are looking for the manual solution then you can check iPhone data usage limit manually in an easy way.

Well, you will agree with me that iPhone users use a big amount of internet data to check their emails, browsing web stuff, streaming music online and other apps which need the internet to work properly.

All users notice their data usage of iPhone or any other smartphone when their monthly bill comes in front of their eyes.

And then we start thinking how much data we use on iPhone this month, OH SHIT kind of words will appear in our mind.

How to Set iPhone Data Usage Limit

There is an option called “set your data usage limit” available from all telecommunication company like At&t and others we use in the United States of America.

And you can also talk to their customer care and ask them to enable this service so they will slow your data speed if you surpass that limit.

And you may need to pay some extra data fee. And if you want to save your money than you need to avoid download speed throttling or you can say extra costs by analyzing your iPhone data usage limit and you can easily find your data usage by checking it manually or by an app.

Find Out How Much Data You Consume on iPhone

Below we have entered step by step instructions which you can follow to find out how much data you are consuming from each big phone company that sells the iPhone in the United States.

How to Check iPhone Data Usage with AT&T?

You have three easy ways to check your AT&T data usage:

#1. Check your AT&T Account and You will get all details in the perfect manner.

#2. You can download their official app, which shares all details such as Data, Voice and Text Messages Usage (Download for iPhone).

#3. In Phone App, Call with *DATA# and you will get instantly a message for your current data usage.

How to Check iPhone Data Usage for Cricket Wireless?

We are going to share two easiest ways to check your Cricket Wireless Data use:

#1. Check your Cricket Wireless Account online.

#2. My Cricket App for iPhone.

How to Check iPhone Data Usage for Sprint?

We have five easy ways to check your Sprint iPhone Data Usage:

#1. Check your Sprint Account online.

#2. Sprint App, which shares all necessary details of your data usage, Download for iPhone.

#3. Call *4and follow the menus suggestions.

#4. Send SMS (usage to 1311).

#5. Or Send SMS usage to 611611 and company will send you text back with your current usage.

How to Check iPhone Data Usage for T-Mobile?

We have three ways to check your data usage with T-Mobile:

#1. Your T-Mobile Account.

#2. In Phone app, call to #932#.

#3. Use T-Mobile App. Download from iTunes.

How to Check iPhone Data Usage for Verizon?

There are three easiest ways to check your Verizon Data Usage.

#1. Your Verizon Account Online.

#2. The Verizon app, which shares call data, Internet data, and text messages usage. Download from iTunes.

#3. In phone app, simply call #data and you will get a text message back with usage details.

How to Check iPhone Data Usage for Virgin Mobile?

There is only one way for you to check your virgin usage.

Sign in to your Virgin Online Account.

What Should I do When iPhone Data Usage Crossed the Limits?

Well, mostly you will get a warning text from your carrier about your limit crossing date. And if you are not getting this service from your mobile company then you can call their customer care to activate this service for you because it is a FREE service for all users.

But in AT&T sends a message to the user when he/she will be done with 65% and 90% of monthly data and rest other companies also do the same.

If you want to do something manually that, if you are close to crossing data limit, then you need to check how much days you have left to finish this data and if you have done with entire data limit then don’t worry you can pay $10 to $15 bucks to increase some more limit before you pay for next month.

If you consume entire data than you need to upgrade your plan by contacting your carrier customer care.

If you continually finding that you have crossed your limits in few days, then my friend you need to stop or switch to another carrier or another plan which offers more data. You can do this by contacting customer care or simply using the apps or online accounts already shared above in this post.

How to Check Data Usage on Your iPhone Manually?

You can find your data usage on iPhone with an inbuilt tool to track your data usage, but you will find some limitations this is why people used to find iPhone data usage app to track entire usages.

Well, follow below steps to check manually.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Cellular
  3. In Cellular Data Usage section, you need to check your data use for the current period.

Also, Check 25PP iOS App for Paid apps for free.

Final Words:

We hope you find this post useful and informative to check your iPhone data usage and if you like it then don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family and you can bookmark it.


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