You Must Know This Iphone Tips And Tricks

Hi, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is You Must Know This Iphone Tips And Tricks. Although I bought my iPhone many years ago, I took some time to find useful tricks. Check out the following 24 tricks for iPhone that you do not know, and tell me what’s on your mind.

Iphone Tips and Tricks

Iphone Tips And Tricks

  1. Add Extension – You can add an extension to the phone number on the phone number and by typing the number and holding the “*” until you see the comma, then dial the extension and tap the call.
  2. Read receipt – If you have read receipts, but you do not know that person you can read the message, you can check it in the instruction center and will not read the receipt.
  3. Hidden field test application – If you want a more elaborate look on your cell coverage, you can type in the phone application * 3001 # 12345 # * and call it to show Hidden Field Test App. At the top of your status bar, you will see a negative number. This number represents your signal. The signal that is close to 0 is good. You also have other technical information to explore in this application (if you can understand it).
  4. Tons of Smiles – QWERTY Keyboard to Add Chinese Easy Pinyin You’re sure to use when texting that will give you a ton of awesome smiley faces. Tap on Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboard> Add new keyboard and add Chinese synchronized PININ QWERTY. Now, switch your keyboard to your keyboard, tap the 123 button, then the “# + =” button, then the ^^ ^ button on the empty space bar. This will show you a ton of different smiles and you can tap the arrows on the right to expand them to show the full screen!
  5. Easily track the package – tracking packages can be a pain. But, you can actually copy and paste into UPS, UPS, FedEx Tracking Numbers, Notes, and tap to track your package.

Also, Try This

  1. Ads in sports – Sports are fun, but do not see ads in sports. Instead of paying to get rid of ads instead, you can get rid of it freely. Just swipe to the Control Center and turn on Airplane mode and play your games ad-free.
  2. Increase iPhone Speakers – Pretty much every iPhone user plays the music on their device, but if you do not have headphones, they are not too loud if you want to increase the sound, just put your iPhone in the cup.
  3. Charge your iPhone faster – if you are ever in a pinch and need to charge your device as soon as possible. Plug in your device and place it in airplane mode. And if you want to charge it more quickly, just turn off your iPhone completely.
  4. Self-corrected Tip – Some words are spelled. But different meanings are sometimes difficult to auto-fix, decrying the word that you want to use. So if the word is apostrophe, then you can use a little trick. For example, if you type “written” but you mean “we are” instead of going back and improving, you can duplicate the last letter of the word and it will be automatically corrected on “we are”.

Hardware Iphone Tips And Tricks

  1. Change the direction of the panorama – In the photos app, you can switch to the panorama as you can pan the panorama by tapping on the arrow.
  2. Find your IMEI number – If you ever need your IMEI number (this is connected to your network), you can call this number “* # 06#” and hold. This can be used if your device is stolen, you can give your IMEI number to the carrier and blacklist the device so that it cannot be used.
  3. Custom Vibration – Add custom vibrations by going to settings – Sounds on the ringtone, text tone, and tap “Vibrate”. At the bottom, you can create your own custom vibration by tapping and holding on the screen.

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Display Iphone Tips And Tricks

Iphone Tips and Tricks

  1. Use headphones for pictures – If you still do not have a selfie stick (you should not do: D) you can actually plug your headphones on your iPhone and take your Selvages with your volume buttons on your headphones.
  2. Tap on swipe pages – on the springboard. Instead of swiping you can tap the dots on your iPhone only on the next or previous page.
  3. Rename the pronunciation – If Siri has done your name wrongly you can call it “Pronunciation of my name”. They will give you the options to choose from when you hear how you pronounce it.
  4. Keyboard shortcut – To type numbers faster than tapping on the “123” button on your keyboard. You can tap and hold your finger number to return to the alpha keyboard directly after you select the number.
  5. Check Data Access – If you are on an AT & T network, you can call a * 3282 # to get a text message from your carrier.

Useful Iphone Tips And Tricks

  1. Fine scrubbing – Scrubbing on music and videos is very easy with this tip. Tap on the scrubber and slide your finger down. The more you slide your finger down, the finger becomes scrubbing. This makes it easy to direct the exact location you are looking for.
  2. Calculator Tip – In the Calculator application, you can swipe left or right by typing numbers to delete the last number.
  3. Record a video when an iPhone is asleep. This is a mistake that can be very useful if you’re on a lock screen, slide your camera over halfway and hold it there, tap “Video” and start recording. Once you do that, once you press the Home button and keep holding your other finger on the screen. Your device sleeps when your finger is on the screen. This will allow you to record a video when your device is asleep! Watch the video fo a demonstration.

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