JioTV for Android Tv Apk Free Download Latest Version 2019


JioTV for Android Tv – Reliance Jio is not just a name in India, it is a movement. A movement which captured the imaginations of millions and they are continuing to do so because of the veritable range of products and services they provide. The Company dared to defy the TRAI laws and make an impact in the mobile networks industry.

Jio now stands at the 8th position among the leading telecom operators and also having the total valuation of 68 billion USD. The Company provides national coverage of 4G LTE Networks all across its telecom circles. It also provides advanced quality voice call services which are unmatched regarding range and quality.

JioTV for Android Tv

JioTV for Android Tv Apk Free Download


Apart from the slew of products and services provided by the Company, we would mainly be focusing on one specific product which has received a lot of positive reviews from across the entertainment sector.

This evolution is called the JioTV, and it provides a whole different range of services pertaining to live TV and many other features. JioTV for Android TV is a feature which has been highly reviewed by many, and there have been positive testimonials pertaining to the same.

Reliance JioTV for Android TV provides a long list of channels which spans multiple languages and different genres. The Company provides in and about 500+ channels which separately 60 HD Channels as well. The application has been specially designed as an APK File for the android users so they can use it on the go using the live TV and the plug and play feature.

The list of channels is separated concerning the adult and the kid’s section, plus you also get to view a range of movies, music, news, sitcoms, and TV series and so much more. It is also available for iOS users as well.


There are many services that JioTV for Android TV has offered and some of them are described below in brief:

  1. WIDE RANGE OF CHANNELS: An extensively veritable range of channels in 30+ languages all over the country. Over about 500+ channels which also includes 60+ channels in HD mode at affordable prices at your fingertips.
  2. LIVE TV SERVICES: JioTV for Android TV also provides live TV services across multiple genres and on multiple platforms. You would be to play and watch your favorite shows, matches, news channels on the go. Right from the point where you left off, you would be able to continue them without much of a hassle. So, never miss a moment with this awesome feature on JioTV.
  3. PRIME TIME SERVICES: The application also provides customized notifications with respect to all your favorite shows in your watchlist. You would be able to catch live shows on Prime Time and catch up on any missing episodes which have been aired in the past week only on JioTV for Android TV.


JioTV is now available exclusively on the Android Play Store and the iTunes Store for download, and it provides a whole lot of features which is custom made for the viewers and the binge-watchers either for getting through the exhausting weekdays OR for enjoying a relaxing weekend.

  1. CARRY YOUR TV ANYWHERE: A bit of confusion with the vocabulary it might seem but it is the absolute truth. You would be able to watch your shows just like you do on TV while you are traveling anywhere around the world. You can pause up your favorite show there and then, catch up on some work, take a nap and then resume watching it on your phone or tablet or your laptop anytime.
  2. SHARING FEATURE: Thanks to social networking, JioTV has gained a lot of reputation in the social circles, therefore making it one of the biggest entertainment barons in the market. The Company has been giving great competition to international entertainment markets. With the sharing feature, you would also be able to share your programs in the social network and help the world know.
  3. SET REMINDERS: You can become busy due to your day to day work schedules tying you up unnecessarily. This will ensure that you miss out on your favorite TV series and programs at that hour. JioTV for Android TV and JioTV for Apple TV ensure that you can set timely reminders on your favorite shows on the dot. So you can finish up, sit back, plug in and enjoy your show seamlessly.
  4. REWIND AND FORWARD: You can rewind and forward your shows as you please on the application for about 30 seconds.
  5. MULTI LINGUAL FEATURES: A set of languages dedicated to making your experience an interactive one. With a multiple language set tailor-made for the viewers, you would be able to browse through all possible channels and look into it as and when you please.
  6. MINI PLAYER: The JioTV APK for Smart TV also provides the mini player feature where you can prioritize what you want to see while simultaneously minimizing the screen and searching for more content.


The JioTV for Android TV is a boon for the entertainment fanatics who have been looking out for a suitable replacement option regarding Live TV and the On the Go services. Jio has definitely given them a great option to be considered since it has tied with so many bigwigs and sponsors from the same domain which has ensured a steady flow of money in the company’s kitty.

The JioTV app for Samsung TV provides a novel experience, where desi meets videsi, providing a never-ending entertainment mania for the entire family and for the people across all age groups. It is a pocket-friendly entertainment which you can carry anywhere, access anywhere, play anywhere and enjoy anytime.

The application gives you a comfort which is unlike anything making it fun to watch and easier to access by every means necessary. So dive deep into this effervescent world of Reliance Jio and enjoy the ride to eternity.

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