The Launches Of Game Angry Birds Developer Rovio And Colorful Battle Bay MOBA


Hallo, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is The Launches Of Game Angry Birds Developer Rovio And Colorful Battle Bay MOBA. Rovio is definitely known as the highest popular Angry Birds mobile game series creators and developers. Indeed, the new entry in the franchise. Angry Birds Islands recently launched a soft start in Japan and Taiwan and the other game.

Angry Birds

The match-3 titled Angry Birds Blast became alive around the world in late December. However, Finland-based Rivois are in the new territories for their latest game Belle Bay Logging. Which starts today around the world. It’s an MOBA-style game that controls players on a small but very well-armed, wide range of different bases.

The free-to-play game lets players choose from different types of boats, which include dangerous protective watercraft. Which have many weapons that help to fix other damaged vehicles? Like Angry Birds, War Bay employs an art style like a colorful cartoon because players are fighting their online opponents in multiplayer games. They can earn money after making matches to upgrade their weapons, items and more content. Guilds are also supported because players can team up and compare them on their leaderboards.

Overall, it looks like a battle bay, an entertaining online multiplayer action game that does not have much time to jump and play. Cartoon appearance and its ocean-friendly locations make it out of the crowd of MOBA mobile titles. Keep in mind that support for purchasing in-game is up from $ 4.99 to $ 99.99 per item.

Angry Birds Developer Rovio And Colorful Battle Bay MOBA Game

Rovio is definitely known as the extremely popular Angry Birds mobile game series creators and developers. In fact, the franchise, a new entry recently in Angry Bird Islands, recently softened in Japan and Taiwan and another game, Match 3 titled Angry Birds Blast, went all over the world in late December.

Angry Birds

However, Finland-based Rovio is building branches in the new area for its latest game Battle Bay, which was launched worldwide today. This is an MOBA-style game that equips players with small, but very well, puts boats on the unstable waves of different segments.

Free to Play Games chooses players from several different sections of boats, from hard defensive water cocks to people. With lots of weapons that help in fixing other damaged ships. Many like Angry Birds; Bat Bay works like a colorful cartoon style because players fight their online opponents in multiplayer matches.

They can earn money after the match after upgrading their weapons, items and more. Circles also support because players can compare and compare their scores on online leaderboards.

4G phone and iPhone 7

Here’s one that is quite the opposite. Jelly, the so-called “world’s smallest 4G phone”. According to Shanghai-based Benitez, is much smaller than a phone like the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7. Although its small 2.45-inch screen does not fool you, though Vivo 4G phone.

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It is available in plenty of powerful white, blue or black. The phone has all the features of full-size Android smartphones and also runs Android 7.0 nugget with access to most Google Play Store apps. It has a 1.1 GHz processor, up to 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage Vivo camera phone.


Amazon’s child-friendly content portal, Amazon FreeTime, is now available as an app from the Google Play Store. Making it available on Android phones and tablets. FreeTime is already available as a service on Amazon’s own Fire and Fire Kids editions tablets. But it is available for the first time on this phone. To ensure that free-time 40,000 YouTube videos allow hand-picked websites and complete parental controls access. Children are protected when they are surfing online or watching videos.

 Instant Apps iPhone

Instant apps, one of Google IO’s 2016 headlining announcements. Can make huge releases for Android phones almost a year after the announcement – it’s time for Google IO 2017 only. To test all ‘memory. The Instant apps feature allows you to use it without installing apps.

Which will not keep more storage available on your phone for other content like any game and apps. Another big draw is that instead of sending users, for instance, the retailer’s mobile website.

Can Google win its battle with Android malware

While most people are aware of malicious threats have targeted their computers. So many people are still the main way cannot understand that their mobile devices are the increasingly attractive target for cybercrime people in an attack on Smartphone is that applications.

Which are often harmless and useful but in reality things up as ashes intent to steal data or Rena over ani Is pushing users to pay. IOS and Android devices are targeted by the hackers.


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