Lenovo p2 Review: 5100 MAH Battery Phone Features And Discrepancies

Welcome to the Mirchitech blog and here I want to tell you Lenovo is another best company. Here I want to share Lenovo p2 review:  5100 MAH battery phone features and Discrepancies. You should visit our previous article to learn more Lava Has Launched 4g Smart Phone With 5 Inch Screen x41+ because there are many information available that can help you more.

Anyway after lava here I want to share another best company smart phone and that is Lenovo smart phones. Lenovo laptops are also awesome but you need to buy smart phones then this also beautiful company and best choice of you.

Lenovo p2

Lenovo p2 smart phone review:  5100 MAH battery phone features and Discrepancies

Lenovo is another competitor that provides cheapest smart phones too. You know most of smart phones discrepancy is battery backup. But Lenovo ended battery backup problem by its smart phone Lenovo p2. So if you want to purchase phone of Lenovo p2 then you should know its discrepancies and benefits before you buy.

Because it is most important for you. Yes I know that you can buy Lenovo smart phone by doing close your eyes because Lenovo is standard company but sometime famous company’s gadget failed to perform very well and company’s product failed so it is recommended to check review first.

Features and specification of Lenovo p2 smart phone

In this phone 5.5 inch full hd ( high definition ) emolliate display available that can perform very well. In this phone you can see quad core 2 giga hertz snap dragon 625 mss 8953 processor less.

It’s internel storage micro sd card available that you cAN increase up to 128 GB. In photography 13 mega pixel rare camera and 5 megapixel front camera available. This phone aspen gold grefite color veriant available. In connectivity 4 gb lte , wifi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.1 and FM radio features available.

In this phone you will get powerful battery that is 5100 mah and you can charge mobile fast so that mean if you charge this phone for 15 minute so that will works for long up to 10 hours. According to company this phone will works for 3 days maximum in small charging.

You can create video up to 18 hours without stopping. Better performance in game and graphic. If you want to takes good photographs in low lights then it is very useful for you because in this phone you can find better result than other phones.

Lenovo p2 smart phone

This phone is slim but it’s weight is too high and processor and other features can become more better but anyway this phone is always best option for you. So if you want to buy big battery backup phone than this is the one of the best standard company phone. Lenovo ultra book is also gives you better performance so if you want to purchase high battery backup laptop then Lenovo ultra book is the best option for you.

Camera result just awesome than other phones in cheap rate rare and front camera helps to you to take better selfie.  Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post so please do not miss any post and you should subscribe our blog by email.

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Friends here I shared Lenovo p2 review:  5100 MAH battery phone features and Discrepancies and and I hope you liked it very much. If you want to gather more posts like this then you should visit our previous article. If you have any question about this information and want to suggestion before purchase smart phone then leave a message in contact us forum.

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