Lenovo Yoga 720 Laptop Review, Detailed And Price


The Lenovo Yoga 720 is fast convertible with a strong, comfortable keyboard and colorful display, but we want this machine to last for a while on a charge. It has come to know that you do not have to spend on grandiose for style, performance, and convenience. $ 829 Take a convertible laptop with Lenovo Yoga 720, Intel’s 7th-Gen KB Lake CPU, with blister fast storage and an elegant, lightweight design. While the 13-inch laptop will be better with more battery life and a bright screen, it is still a more capable laptop that will serve you well.

Lenovo Yoga 720

Lenovo Yoga 720 Detailed


A shiny aluminum tilt of a notebook, Lenovo Yoga 720 is so clever that I was surprised that it packs up to 13-inch panels. Available in silver, gray or gold, there is a bright Yoga branding at the top-right corner of the lid and uniformly reflective edge edges that are wrapped around the display and keyboard deck.

On opening the Yoga 720, I have a strong, 360-degree hinge that makes it possible to use this machine in tents, tablets, displays and laptop modes. It’s full-size, island-style keyboard is remembered with a little rest machine, and the fingerprint reader in 2-in-1 (below does not include any of the rivals) sits down at the lower right of the keyboard.

As much as looking at everything on this machine, I’m not a fan of the display’s thick, bezel below 1.1 inches. For measuring 2.8 pounds of weight and 0.6 inches thick, the yoga is thicker than 720p specter x 360 (2.9 pounds, 0.5 in.), But Dell Inspiring 13 7000 2-in-1 (3.4 pounds, 0.8 inches) And lighter flip UX 360 CA (3.0 pounds, 0.6 inches) compared to both Ashes Zen book.

On the left side of the Lenovo Yoga 720, you will find the 2-in-1 Tidbit 3 port, the headphone jack, and the USB Type-C port, which depends on the machine drawing power. Yoga’s USB 3.0 ports and power buttons sit on the right side.


13 x 720 pixels, 1920 x 1080-pixel panels produce crisp, colorful images, but the screen is a little cloudy. When I saw the trailer for The Defenders, I saw the dark shades of the prison cell with the vibrant colors of Dan Rand’s amber fist and Daredevil’s grille mask. The resolution was quite fast that I could see the blood hole on Jessica Jones’s face.

Lenovo Yoga 720

According to our colorful, yoga 720 produces 127 percent of SRGB spectrum; this is more than 68% category average, with reading from Specter X 360 (102 percent), Inspiring 13 (69 percent) and Zen but Flip (102 percent).

I like this if a little more brightness was offered in the panel of Lenovo Yoga 720 because it only exceeds 280 units. This 293-Nit Ultra Port is below the qualified average, as well as 318 NITs displayed by 298 NIT for spectra tic X 360 and Glenbrook Flip. Of course, the score of Yoga dips to 228-NIT Inspiring 13, but whenever I see the panel of 720 from 45 degrees to the left or right, I still see the colors dark.

Convertible touchscreen registered my input correctly because I navigated the desktop and I was quick to doodle in the paint. The screen also recognized the swipe-based navigation gestures of Windows 10.


Yoga 720’s shallow-but-responsive keyboard enables fast typing. By checking this on 10 fast fingers tests, I clicked 83 words per minute by breaking the average of my 80 minutes per minute.

Lenovo Yoga 720

Although the keys of this machine are low on travel (1.2 to 2.0 millimeter versus 1.5 to 2.0 we expect), their 76 grams required stimulus force (we expect to see at least 60 grams) However, for the remaining acceptable experience, If the keys were deep, then the users could stay comfortable while dragging for a long time.

Yoga 720’s 4.1 x 2.7-inch Touchpad enables smooth scrolling and gives a good experience in every click. It is also properly registering the three-finger app-switching gestures of Windows 10. On the right side of the touchpad, under the keyboard, you will find a 2-in-1 fingerprint reader, which enables Quick Login by Windows Hello. I am also happy that Lenovo continues to keep readers away from the touchpad, some manufacturers do not.


The JBL-branded speaker of the convertible made solid audio so that our mid-size conference room filled with a solid ration from the imagination’s dragons ‘third’ to create a strong bass, clear tone and crisp drum. However, several pre-paid Dolby Atoms sound-tuning apps have been given several presets; I came to know that the default music setting has given the best audio experience.


I armed a Lenovo Yoga 720 with Core i5-7200U CPU and 8GB RAM, which enabled solid multitasking. I did not see any difference after splitting my screen into more than a dozen chrome tabs (including Tweet Deck, Slack, and Google Docs) and a 1080p YouTube video. After the system remained zipped and responsive, I opened, even more, apps at the top, the diode in OneNote, played a round shot with the camera and a round of candy crush.

Lenovo Yoga 720

Our Yoga 720 scored a very good 7,300 runs in the Geek bench 4 General Performance Exam. It shows by Inspiring 13 (6, 707), which has the same CPU and RAM, and the Zen Book flip (5,082), which has a Core M3-6Y30, 8GB RAM. Yoga also demolishes the 7,024 UltraApport qualified average. Specter X 360 earned a better score, in 8,147, with core i7-7500U CPU and 16 GB RAM.

Duplicate 4.97 GB of multimedia files in 18 seconds for the speed of 256 GB NVMA M2 PCIESD 318.1 Mbps speed in Yoga 720. This is the time of 318.1 Mbps of Specter X 360 512 GB PCIE SSD, and it is faster than the 19108 Mbps ultraportable average. It has been done in Zen book Flip (16 9.6 Mbps) from 256 GB M2 SSD to Inspire 13 (110.6 Mbps) and 512 GB SSD.

Yoga 720 completed our Open Office Productivity Test, in which 4,000 minutes and 2 seconds are given 20,000 names of address, which is 5:39 category average and 6 minutes by zero book flip. Inspiring 13 ended a single later (4:03), and the Specter X 360 needed less time (3:33)


Battery Life

Yoga 720 can stand on a charge for a little more time. The convertible made only 7 hours and 4 minutes on the Laptop Meg Battery Test (continuous web browsing at only 100 units), which is less than the 8:16 ultras able average, as well as the bar from the spectra x 360 (10:06) and zen book Flip (9: 58), is only available at insertion 13:30 at 6:30 pm Battery life is also available.

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Intel HD Graphics 620 chip in the Yoga 720 pushed the machine into a strong 877 on the 3D Marco Fire Strike Graphics Test. It beats Inspiring 13, which uses the same GPU, range average and the Intel HD 515-based zen book flip. Spectra X 360 (Intel HD 620) earned a high score in 920.

Medium-demanded Gamer Yoga enjoys 720 720s because it went on a beautiful 52 frame per second in the DRT3 (in the middle setting). It kills the average of 35-FPS class and scores from Specter X 360 (40 FPS), Inspiring 13 (38 FPS) and Zanuck Flip (18 fps).


This 2-in-1 laptop reminds me that the notebook does not boast on the webcam. Of course, a friend or colleague shoots me on my 720-second-mega pixel camera yoga, but this image suffers from many fuzziest, And the white of the people behind me are completely blown away.


Yoga 720 does not look just calm ‘This touch is cool. After 15 minutes of streaming HD video on this machine, our heat gun lifted the temperature of 74 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit on the Yoga touchpad, G & H key, and underside. These measurements do not come close to crossing our 95-degree comfort threshold.

Software and Warranty

Lenovo has preloaded the Lenovo Yoga 720 with a mix of equipment in which there are some things that you want and others will be removed without prejudice. So when you want to remove March of standard Windows bloatware like Mine craft, Empires, and Sling, you want to maintain Lenovo’s settings for Lenovo Companion and fine-tuning adjustments for system health tracking.

For some reason, Lenovo also includes its App Explorer software store, which is random, when you understand that the Windows Store already exists.

The Lenovo Yoga 720 also includes one year warranty from Lenovo. See how Lenovo’s support demonstrated in our annual Tech Support Showdown and Best and Worst Breed Face-Off.

Configuration Options

The price of entry-level total 720 is $ 829 and it has the core i5- 7200U CPU and 8GB of RAM. The top-of-the-line model of which I had a review of $ 1,099 and packed Core i7-7500U CPU, 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB PCIE SSD Only the most demanding users will need Core i7 configuration.

Bottom Line

Yoga 720 will attract many eyes with its sleek design, sharp display, and colorful display. If only for the 2-in-1 fee, it will earn a higher rating, if it lasted for a long time.

For a long-running notebook with a better keyboard and bright display, you can get an identically configure HP spectator X 360 $ 1,069. Even so, the Lenovo Yoga 720 offers a premium convertible experience at a more affordable price.


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