LG K10 LTE Smartphone Review, Specifications And Details, Price


LG is going after the entry-level segment of the market with the introduction of its new series budget LG K10 phones. LG’s LLE and LG’s 7 LTE are the first devices in this line and have already been announced before CES 2016, where we mixed some hands with them on time.

LG K10

In India. LG K10 has launched LG K10 LTE versions of these handsets and today we will keep an eye on LG’s LTTE. 13,000 points hovering around the price, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (review) of LG’s LGE, Leica Le 1s (review), 4 notes of Lenovo Vibe (review), and Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition (review) Faced with fierce competition from choice.

As you can see, there is absolutely no shortage of choices and each of these smartphones is a good choice for itself. Can LG’s new offering make such a place for him in such a crowded place? Let’s find out.

In LG’s 10 (2017) power button has now doubled twice as SOS button when pressed thrice. The new phone box runs Android 7.0 Norgate. First, LG’s KL Along with this, its K7 smartphone was also launched. However, the company has not disclosed plans to bring K7 (2017) India.

The price was 13,500 rupees. There has been some change in the context of the new K10 design, although the price is almost the same. LG K10 has added Indianized print on the smart cover so that it can be made stylish, which now comes in many colors.

LG K10 LTE Smartphone Of Details


K10 LTE will get a 5.3 inch HD in-cell display that produces relatively crisp text and images. The protective glass is not scratch-proof, so LG K10 has set up a screen guard on the phone. However, it does not cover the entire front face completely to the edges, and it gets quite annoying. The colors are very vivid and the display is quite legible, even in direct sunlight. The phone is slightly slow to react to changing ambient light, and when this happens, the infection can be jerky, there is also a notification LED.

LG K10

Headphone socket and micro-USB port are placed below, and in LG’s signature style, power and volume buttons are placed on the back. We have found a little volume button on the soft side, due to which we pressed them several times by mistake. Provides good grip without properly pasting the texture of the rear cover. In fact, we can safely say that LG’s L10 LTE is one of the best-looking plastic phones on the market. Our Indigo Review Unit looks really good, but if you want, you can opt for white or gold instead.

K10 LTE ships with a 4.2W charger, USB cable, headset, and flip case. In this case, there is a translucent vertical strip on the edge, so you can see basic information, weather, battery life and time and date. The quality of the case is strictly ok, but other materials feel more durable.


When used in bright outdoor, the LG K10 cameras produce good results. Color reproduction is quite accurate, and images also look sharp. In low light, there is a lot of noise in the pictures with missing details. Apart from this, it is very difficult to focus on low light with the rear camera.

Front camera, such as Oppo F3, comes with a group Safe Mode with a standard single safe mode. It comes with a strong reinforcement filter, as soon as you feel the opening of the front camera app. The soft glow can be reduced to zero for normal, real life to click on Celsius. There are also other filters, even in the light, there is a lack of detail of themselves and appear grainy, although the color reproduction is good for LG K10.

LG’s 10 (2017) is good with multitasking. You can work easily by opening 10-15 tabs at any time and it’s easy to switch between them. During the review period, I did not face app accidents, however, within 3-4 minutes of playing graphic heavy games like the Aftal-8, the phone starts to start in the upper part.

LG K10

Like its predecessor, the K10 (2017) comes with a very easy customization, which I like. Some have the ability to set five on the screen navigation screen on the home screen and the capture option in the drop down menu, which allows for quick notes, in addition to this, it comes with the SOS button, which gives you three power messages You can send crisis messages for pre-set contacts.


The Indian version of the phone will be on Android 5.1, although some versions of KM ship ships with Marshmallow. We hope that the Indian version will soon receive an OTA update. You get LG’s custom user interface here, which is very functional and familiar.

If you have used recent LG’s smartphones. Unlike the recently unveiled flagship LG G5, the LGE has a traditional app drawer interface. The Android navigation bar below can be customized to include additional buttons for screenshots, notification shadows, and sim swithers. Used later when you are using two SIM cards because there are no separate call buttons for each SIM.


LG offers good levels of customization; You can change the lock screen and home screen animation; Add theme from the SmartWorld app; Some apps in the app switcher make sticky, And double-tap to wake or lock the screen. The notification shade has toggle switches and brightness and volume sliders. Floating apps appearing in high-end LG phones are not present, but if you are in another app, you receive floating notifications for incoming calls.

Settings can be viewed in the App as a sub menu tab, which makes it easy to navigate. In the context of pre-installed apps, bloatware is kept to a minimum because you can get a file manager, LG backup, QuickMM + (which can sync with your Google Calendar), remote service and work Are there.


Thanks to the light UI, we usually had about 1.4 GB free RAM for apps. The normal performance was good, though we used to pay attention while jumping between apps or while drawing the notification shed. We had no problem with the quality of the 4G display or call. Share LG Keyboard is also comfortable to use. A little bit is added to the flip cover, but without it, the K10 LTE very easily fits in a pocket, which I really like. One-hand use is not possible at all times since a fair bit of plastic around the screen.

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The K10 LTE managed to run high-bitrate video files well, although not all audio codecs are supported. Even with Mx Player, we were unable to play AC3 audio in our test files. Music Player supports FLAC but there is no equalizer preset for tweaking audio Bundle headset is good for voice calls, but fine for media playback. In addition, earbuds are not a very comfortable fit. The rear speaker is quite loud for alerts, but again, is not good for the media.

The 10 LTE has a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. The back camera captures acceptable scenarios and macros in daylight. Focusing and saving images is a bit slow, and it gets slow in low light. The detailed and accuracy of colors in macro shots is much better than landscape under good lighting. But images taken in low light and video are shown to have a lot of noise in the form of description level. It’s very clear when you zoom in the pictures, the front camera does a great job with itself, even inside the house.


The LG camera looks a lot less for the app, which is a good thing and a bad thing. You have the option to overlay the shutter button and other settings over the viewfinder, or you can hide them and touch anywhere to capture an image. The latter options may be good for users who do not bother tapping manually to focus.

In the case of settings or shooting mode you do not get anything extra, there are options for the timer, and trigger sounds or gestures to take sled. However, there are no filters, HDRs, or even panorama modes. This makes it difficult to capture a wider landscape, or if you want to get decent photos while shooting against the light.

Battery life

The 2300mAh battery in KL LTE lasted 10 hours and 24 minutes in our video test. Which is very good at considering its potential. A long wait may be required to charge the phone because there is no quick charging support. It will reach only 16 percent in half an hour. Although it is not fast at all today’s norms, but the good news is that the battery does not run fast with regular use. We have been successful with a bit of 4G and Wi-Fi for more than a day.

K10 LTE’s bright pebble design is the first thing that draws your attention. There is no sharp line here because the curved frame basically mixes in the cover of any type without any other edges. With its round design. The LG K10 phone still sits comfortably in your palm. The phone also feels incredibly light, even on its 142g in the battery.


LG has given MRP of 10 LTE. 13,750, which is directly on offer, seems too much for. It seems that the phone is competing with the wrong crowd, and it is difficult to justify this price. With this feature set in mid-2016. A more reasonable price level will be more than half of it, except for its design, a good screen, and decent battery life, there is not really anything special about it.

LG could have been done with LTE, such as equipping. It with a more powerful processor, supporting faster charging with marshmallows or at least ensuring that one of the cameras was really good. These things are competing, so it really feels like LG needs value correction. If LG does not expect it to be successful in India.


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