How To Make 100% Android Mobile Battery Faster


How often should you charge a phone’s battery, and charge it to reduce your lifespan by 100%? We round the best Battery Faster maintenance tips and tricks Batteries are one of the most boring topics of technology as long as your phones, tablets or laptops die. When most of us live in fear of a fading phone Battery Faster, when we are out and about it, we do not worry too much about the last age of that battery (probably between three to five years) but There are ways to keep your battery in tip-top shape for long and fruitful life.

Android Mobile Battery Faster

Make Mobile Battery Faster

Batteries do not enjoy eternal life most Smartphone makers say their batteries are on 300-500 cycles. Apple claims that its laptop battery reaches 80 percent of its original capacity after the cost of 1,000. After this point, the battery does not catch much power and will enable your device for a short time. So here are some tips for expanding your battery, they are on an iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone, Tablet, or Laptop.

The big question about charging the battery again is that you should go back to zero before recharging it to 100%. One reason that people are unsure is that they have heard of something that is call “memory effect” of the battery.

What is battery memory effect?

Battery Memory Battery is about remembering the rest of the battery, if you do not let them go too loud, therefore, the battery is often charged 20% to 80%, which is about 40%. Can forget in that which is left without (0-20% and 80-100%) left. Looks crazy but this is true – but only for the older Nickel-based (NiMH and NiCd) batteries, your phone does not have lithium-ion batteries.

battery memory effect

The battery of lithium ion (Li-ion) does not suffer from memory effect, so you have to do almost the opposite: charge them often, but not the whole day, and leave them at zero. Do not charge your phone’s battery to zero to 100%. The rule with Li-ion batteries is that they shall keep to a maximum of 50% or more. When you can down below 50%, and then raise a little. It takes some time for a few days in a day, the purpose is maximum.

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But do not charge it all the way to 100% if you do full recharge then it will not be fatal for your battery – most of us compel it to be done again and again in the emergency. But continuously recharging the batteries will reduce the age of the battery.Therefore, while charging a Li-ion battery, there is a good range to target from 40% to 80% at a time. Do not try to drop the Battery Faster below 20%. Dead battery charge indicator

When should I charge a full battery?

Experts suggest that you can do 100% Battery Faster recharge (a “charging cycle”) from zero to zero, perhaps only once a month. It recollects the battery – restarting your computer, or for humans, just like going on vacation! The same goes in the way of the laptop.

Should I charge my phone overnight?

Most modern smartphones are clever when the charging stops completing, so there is no big risk to charging your phone overnight. But some experts suggest that if you charge for long periods, then remove the phone from the case, as the case may rise on heating – which does not like lithium-ion batteries (see below).

Should I Charge Battery Faster?

Many Android phones have a feature that allows faster charging, which is often referred to as Qualcomm Quick Charge or Samsung’s case, adaptive fast charging. These phones are typically special codes locate in the chip know as Power Management IC (PMIC), which communicate with the charger you are using and request that it sends power over high voltage.

iPhone 6 does not have the fast charging facility, but its Qualcomm PMIC is smart enough to be understood when you use the high charger (as you get with the iPad), and it’s a good thing because it’s fast From the charging heat will be the Li-ion battery and it has increased in wear and tear. For this reason, you should never leave your phone in the hot car, on the beach or next to the oven. A hot battery will have to suffer long-term effects on your life span. And so will be a super-cool one, so leave your device in the freezer or in the snow.

If you can, turn off the fast charge on your Android phone.

Can I use a charger?

Where possible, use the charger that came with your phone, because it is certain that the correct rating is or make sure that a third-party charger has approved by the manufacturer of your phone. The cheaper options of Amazon or eBay can harm your phone.

These batteries do not use in approximately 5-10% of a month. If you completely discharge the battery and leave it for a long time, it may eventually be unable to charge everyone (which is dead properly).

It’s unlikely that you will lie down in your drawers for a long time, but some people do not use their laptops. Battery Faster packs or extra batteries for long periods of time. So try to keep all those allegations at least half.


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