Mi Drop for PC | Windows 10/7/8, Mac OS X, Android,Mac Laptop


One of the most popular app, Mi Drop for PC witnesses reckless download every day. The adfree p2p file transfer application is being one of the favourite of tech savvy individuals globally. One can conveniently transfer images, videos from audio clip and much more while being connected to the internet. Factually, MI drop application is almost 200 times period and random Bluetooth connections or any other file transfer method. The highest speed is as much as 50 M per second.

Mi Drop for PC | Windows 10/7/8, Mac OS X, Android,Mac Laptop

Mi Drop for PC
Mi Drop for PC

MI drop has a friendly user interface and comes with multi-lingual support such as Bengali, Indonesia, English and many more. It is an application that would never let you worry for file transfers being interrupted in the middle of nowhere. the store files in form of applications, documents, videos and images are conveniently transferred from one gadget to another with just few clicks. The clean interface allows you to exchange files that are visible right on the homepage of the application.

How to Download MI Drop for PC or Mac Laptop?

Since, Mi Drop for PC is not officially available, you need to download emulator for the same. So let us begin with the steps –

  • Download Droid 4 x emulator in your PC or Mac Operating System.
  • Look up on the screen that would allow you to search for MI drop application on the search box.
  • Install MI drop application through the search option of droid 4 x application and enjoy everything assured.

Features of Mi drop for PC

With unlimited features and workability, MI drop for PC, Mac and Windows add more convenient to the file transfer process. Let’s know how it all works –

  • MI drop immediately shares files up to 200 times faster than normal Bluetooth connectivity
  • MI drop provides the different categories of file transfers from one gadget to another
  • Users can conveniently understand by user friendly application and enjoy sharing images, documents and videos with unlimited file size.
  • MI drop provides multi language support for Bengali, English and many other languages.

How to Download MI Drop for Android?

Xiaomi invented MI drop application for quick file transfers and revamping file exchange experience.

You can download MI drop application from Google Play Store for any random gadgets. If you are using Android handset, Play Store is the standalone destination for you. However, if you have to download the application in a PC or Mac laptop, you need to download an emulator for the same.

Xiaomi MI drop for pc and android does not have restricted workability on xiaomi smartphone. Even if you ask phone belong to other brands, you can simply download MI drop application from Google Play Store and enjoy sharing movies, applications, videos, photos and much more within a matter of few seconds. With more than 100000 downloads, xiaomi is one of the most preferred file transfer applications after shareit.

  • Visit Google Play Store and search for MI drop application.
  • Get install option and start downloading

MI drop for pc and the story behind it:MI drop application for simulation who invented by xiaomi smartphones for MI UI 7 . later on, after changing it and revamping the version, MI drop was released for all the gadgets and Smartphones that was digitally.

The logo was amended and instead of remaining hidden in the utility folder, xiaomi MI drop acquired home screen of the gadget owner. No matter whether you are a proud owner of redmi Smartphones or Samsung, MI drop application would allow you to quickly initiate file transfer within a blink of an eye. The speedy file transfer application has a very convenient user interface so that even a layman can understand the workability of the application.

How to use Mi Drop for PC to Transfer files between Android gadgets?

Mi Drop for PC
Mi Drop for PC
  • Download MI drop on your Android gadgets that are initiating fileexchange. Make sure that you have the same Wi-Fi network connection between them.
  • Launch MI drop application and hit the send option choose the files that have to be transferred from one screen to another. You can select multiple files from different folders.
  • Launch MI drop application on the next Android gadget gadget and Tap a phone receive option to get the files in that particular handset.
  • Hit ok to complete the process

How to use Mi Drop for PC & Mac Operating System?

Getting connected with MI drop through pc is slightly difficult. MI drop is not an application that has been created for laptops and personal computers. However, if you are Adamant who used the application in your gadget, the only method if by downloading an emulator. For the rest, you need to follow the below mentioned steps

  • Launch MI drop application in your Android smartphone and visit MI File Manager.
  • Hit upon three dotted vertical line located in the top right hand side corner of your phone.
  • Get connected with your computer and click on start server option.
  • Make sure that your device is connected with the same Wi-Fi network as your Android device.
  • Check out the FTP address and storage volume of your gadgets should be allowed access
  • Impossible FTP address and hit enter after connecting your Android gadget with your personal computer.

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If you exchange files with your friends and do not have much time to do the needful, Mi Drop for PC would like you do it all very convenient you. User friendly and safe application has been recommended by the Tech experts because of the appreciable features it has.

Even if you have low internal storage capacity, the file adjust with the operation and let you do it all with you. Also, if you wish to uninstall MI drop for some or the other reason, you can launch Play Store and it app upon uninstall option to remove it from your gadget.

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