Microsoft Surface Laptop And Images Leaked Before Launch

Hallo, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Microsoft Surface Laptop And Images Leaked Before Launch. Microsoft Surface Laptop is set to announce new Windows 10 Cloud at its event in New York later today. Along with the launch of the new iteration of Windows 10.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The company is also expected to showcase new hardware running the new operating system. Ahead of new Microsoft’s announcement, twitter user Walking Cat has posted images of Microsoft’s upcoming laptop.

According to the leak, the device will be simply called the Surface Laptop and could be new Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Chrome book Pixel. The laptop reportedly has a 13.5-inch Pixel Sense display with support for 3.4 million pixels. The exact resolution and aspect ratio is not known as yet but the leaked image does suggest that the laptop will offer a standard USB port, mini Display port and Surface power connector.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

We are all aware that new Microsoft is going to launch one of the best smartphones till date. Few reports also say that this will be the best Smartphone that anyone would ever desire. Microsoft already started working on the Smartphone last year and this year it will launch the Microsoft Surface phone.

The reason new Microsoft Surface Laptop began working on the surface phone is, the Lumia phones production was stopped. The Microsoft Surface Laptop reportedly weighs 2.76 pounds and has a thickness of 14.47mm at the back and 9.9mm at the front.

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The laptop is said to ship in four diff color options: platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue and graphite gold. There aren’t any details on the processor powering the Surface Laptop or other hardware details just yet.

Microsoft generally announces its Surface range of devices at the New York event. The software giant is not expected to reveal the updated Surface Pro and Surface Book devices at this event and may rather showcase its Chrome book-competitor. Walking Cat claims the Surface Laptop will be the first hardware device to run Windows 10 S. Which is rumored to be new Microsoft’s alternative to Google’s Chrome OS. It is expected to be a stripped down version of regular Windows 10 with the ability to only run Windows Store apps.

Features of Microsoft Surface phone

The surface phone is a slim brick-like device that has got a white cover on its back. The speakers are grille at the top and bottom of the phone. Below the display, there is trademark new windows logo of Microsoft. Above you will see the Microsoft brand name like it was present in the old Lumia devices. So basically the looks are almost similar to the Lamia devices.

You will see three keys present on the right side. And this is the volume up key, volume down key and the power button.


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