Mine Planning Software Solutions: All That You Need to Know


Mining is an old activity in the history of mankind. It has evolved greatly by employing innovative methods that reduce the workload, increase productivity and enhance the safety of the workers. Thanks to technology, miners can now breathe a sigh of relief as things become easier. People no longer have to use oil lamps and hand axes in the unsafe tunnels; state-of-the-art machines and GPS devices are some of the technology that has changed operations in this industry.

The mining engineers together with experts from grs-cors.com come up with various technological solutions like software to be used in these operations. Their aim is to use a solution that will enable the staff to use computers and other computerized devices to make decisions and increase their productivity.

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How Mine Planning Software Works

In most cases, the mine planning software has three crucial sections that the experts must cover to make it more useful.

The first section is the engineering model, which covers important factors used to mine. It will cover all the tools and tactics that the miners will use. A good example is excavation and drilling of the ground. Also, this part will indicate the qualities and quantities of the expected products.

Another section of the software for mine planning shows the resource information according to the geologists. It will indicate the areas of mining and the resources that are around it. This is an interpretation that guides the miners as they do their work. In fact, this is what tells them where to touch and where not to.

Lastly, the mine planning software will cover the schedule of the work that must be done. This is where the real planning is done. Planners can divide the project into milestones and give them deadlines. They also indicate the expected productivity in quality and quantity.

Popular Mine Planning Software

  • Trimble Quantm Enterprise Software – it is a helpful tool used by miners to plan their work in a factory. Before making any decision, this technological option will have done various analyses on all possible options, quality of products expected and the quantity of products. Therefore, making decisions will be easier. It also guides the experts during the mining process from the start to the end. The software is now popular due to its accuracy when fed the right data and reliability throughout the project duration.
  • Earthworks On-Screen – this software is a straightforward software used by most engineers who do a lot of excavation. Even the newbies in the industry can quickly learn how to use it. Simply, it provides you with all the tools to plan mining work. It has a calendar, a productivity schedule and creates reports among many other functionalities. It is also notably one of the cheapest mining software solutions out there.


Apart from the two software programs covered, there are numerous others that one can use to have a productive mining project. The expensive software may have additional features and great reliability. However, the most important thing is to make sure that the projects have all the features that will let you and your team plan the mining operation well.

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