Mivi SAXO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Hands Free Mic, Stereo Sound, Thumping Bass (Jet Black)


A good quality headset can you have your workout and pump up your gaming experience enormously. Also, it compliments your personality and feels so good when used for the main purpose. The Mivi SAXO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is breaking all the records through its multiple specifications and outstanding looks.

When you look up for several specifications embedded in a single headphone, you at least have to pay a price of INR 15000 or more. Exceptionally, the mivi Saxo brand has launch headset that score high ratings and fall below the budget price of 5000. It is enlisted in amazon at INR 2699.

Mivi SAXO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Mivi SAXO Headphones

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Mivi SAXO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Hands Free Mic, Stereo Sound, and Thumping Bass review

Outer Look

The light in weight headphones allow longer sessions of music. Moreover, the adjustable headband conveniently lets you carry the headphone on your neck. The padding of the ear Cup is exceptionally good and it couldn’t have been better. The slide plastic look is definitely very positive and energizing. However, it slightly gifts that budgeted headphone look to the device that might underwhelm the users.

Quality and Features

The overall quality of Mivi SAXO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is worth a green flag. And using it for complete 15 days, I personally found it working amazingly good on gadgets like oneplus 5t and Google pixel 2 XL. The music punch felt in the played songs said mind blowing. The music notes were outstandingly clear even if the played file did not have a loud music.

Mivi SAXO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Battery Backup

Talking about the battery, Mivi SAXO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones battery lasts up to 17 hours when you listen music at a volume of 70%. On personally testing the device including the standby mode and volume configuration, the device worked for 15 hours. I would like to say that the music gadget is a good choice when you have a budget lower than 5000.

Mivi SAXO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Comparison

The thunder beat feature in Mivi SAXO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones acts as the apex feature. When you compare the gadget with Bose headphones, the former beats up the latter in terms of sound quality and price. Hence, you can always go for the quality gadget if you have love for good quality music but don’t have the budget to spend on expensive headphones.


The inbuilt mic is also quite versatile and delivers good sound quality while conducting calls. You will not face any major problem with the headset during video chatting. The cable charger that comes free with the product gives it an international appeal.

High Quality Wireless Capabilities

The wireless headphones are definitely one of the best inventions till date. You don’t have to team them up with the gadget for enjoying the sound quality. This feel the best when you want to enjoy some “ me time” or wish to watch late night television on your Smart TV. The free movement instigated by the wireless headphones let you initiate workouts and other tasks much easily. You don’t have to carry the connected gadget for enjoying the sound.

There has always been a controversy between wired and wireless products. A true wireless headphone is the one that does not entangles no matter what. And when you have a look at Mivi SAXO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, it’s absolutely free from any cords or complicated functionality. With aux support, noise cancellation capabilities and lovely battery backup, the device is one of my personal favorite music gadgets.

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Final Words

Mivi SAXO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is certainly going to turn one of the bestselling headphones of the year 2018. Grab it soon on amazon sale.

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