How To Your Mobile Charge Without Start Up Laptop


Many times we get stuck in a situation that the battery of the phone is lost and there is no electricity in the coincidence at that time. In this case, if there is no need to call, we cannot call due to no battery in the mobile. Many times the battery of the phone is over but the laptop is charged but there is no point in keeping the laptop without working. So let us now tell you how to Mobile Charge from closed laptops.

Mobile Charge

First of all, go to ‘My Commuter’ of your computer or laptop. Now go to File Manager. Now click on the tick or ‘Properties’ that appears in the top left corner. Please see this picture for help. Click on the option. For help see the picture below.

This is an advertisement, click to see the next slide now click on ‘Device Manager’ in the control front open window. If you have trouble understanding then checks out.

Here Is The Tip To Mobile Charge

When you click on Device Manager, a window with a device manager will open in front of you. You will see a lot of options in this. Click on ‘Universal Serial Bus Controllers’ appearing in this.

Now you will also see many options in the open window in front of you. Of these, you have to click on the option ‘USB Root Hub’. This is an advertisement.

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You will now open a new window in which a box with the properties of ‘USB Root Hub’ will open. In this, you have to click on ‘Power Management’ appearing at the end. This is an advertisement.

Then the option of ‘Allow the Computer to Turn Off’ will be replaced by Tick already, and click Ok. Now you can charge mobile easily through mobile USB cable even when the laptop or computer is off.


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