NDS4iOS Download for Roms & Games – Nintendo DS Emulator for iOS/ iPhone/ iPad [2017]


NDS4iOS – We all have heard about Nintendo for their awesome 3D games and today we would like to explain something about Nintendo to all of you. Nintendo brought the first dual screen handheld in the market since 13 years ago.

Since that NDS games have become biggest childhood memorize for all of us. We still remember the enjoyment when we all holding that handheld console with our friends to play Super Mario and games like this.

Today we are going to share similar emulator like 3DS Emulator with all of you where you will learn how you can run Nintendo games on iOS based devices and that NDS4iOS. It is a Nintendo DS Emulator that helps all iOS users to get make their memories LIVE again.

NDS4iOS – Nintendo DS Emulator


You don’t need to have a single doubt that NDS4iOS is the best Nintendo DS Emulator for iOS devices. The bad news for all iOS user is that it is not available on App Store like other games and apps. But you don’t need to feel LOW because stick with this post and you will know how to bring NDS4iOS Roms on your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad & iPad Mini.

Below we are going to share the three methods to download NDS4iOS for iOS devices and you will learn how you can install NDS4iOS on iOS devices with step by step guide.

How to Download & Install NDS4iOS?

Follow below methods to download and install NDS4iOS on your iPhone 7, 6, 5, 4 or iPad or iPad Mini. You don’t need to be a GEEK to download third party apps on iOS devices because if you know how to access iPhone or iPad then you can do this.

Method 1: Grab NDS4iOS Nintendo Emulator from iOSEmus

  1. Download iOSEmus on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. On above link you will have complete information to download and install on iOS devices, So follow that complete guide on iOSEmus and you will grab iOSEmus iOS App store on your devices.
  3. Once down, go to your home screen and launch iOSEmus on your iOS device. Now on iOSEmus go to Install tab and you will get all tweaked apps. Now scroll down and find NDS4iOS on iOSEmus. If the NDS4iOS download link has Green Tick then that means the app is available to install on your device instantly.
  4. Now choose NDS4iOS and follow the instructions to install it. Once you have installed it successfully. Now you need to one thing, go to your iPhone Settings section and Trust the Developer of NDS4iOS.

YES you need to install ROM files on your device to play games but don’t worry we will explain it in this post. For some reason being, if you find NDS4iOS with Red Check then you need to check below second method.

Method 2: Download NDS4iOS via iEmulators

  1. Open Safari Browser and go to com now switch to the Apps Tab.
  2. Scroll down and find NDS4iOS APK file to download it.
  3. Tap on it and click on Install, Now follow the installation process. Once done, go to Settings app and Trust the developer. Now you are able to install the ROM.

If above method is not perfect for you then you can use one more method that is third one where you will easily get NDS4iOS App on your iOS devices.

Below we are going to use Tutuapp to download NDS4iOS Nintendo DS Emulator on your iOS devices for FREE of cost not even a single penny to send anyone.

So let’s begin the third method to install NDS4iOS APK on your iPhone, & iPad devices.

Method 3: Use Tutuapp APK to download NDS4iOS

You guys have must heard about Tutuapp because it is worldwide famous third party app store. It is an alternative to the apple app store to grab paid apps for free and you can also find unlimited paid games, themes, tweaked apps, icon packs and much more at single place.

It contains all popular tweaked apps and emulators where you will get NDS4iOS as well to download for FREE. So luckily, NDS4iOS can be installed via this app market as well. Firs we suggest you to Download Tutuapp on your device and follow below step by step instructions.

  1. Using this app store is as simple as any other app store because you will get simple and easy to use user interface. Once you install Tutuapp on iOS device you can open and find the NDS4iOS on this app store.
  2. Once you download the NDS4iOS App on your iOS device via Tutuapp APK then you need to follow below step.
  3. Go to Settings App > General > Profile, Look for the profile associating with NDS4iOS and choose Trust for the Developer.
  4. Then you can use the app and enjoy your Nintendo games.

We shared all possible and safe methods to grab NDS4iOS free on your iPhone or iPad. NDS4iOS is just a DS Emulator for iOS and it doesn’t come with game data. To be able to play console games, you’ll need to load their ROMs.

How to Add Nintendo DS ROMs to NDS4iOS?

It is very easy to download ROMs and you can do a quick search by Safari. Once you found it on Google then tap on download link and safari start downloading automatically.

It will not show you that download is in progress but once it’s done then you will get indication. It’s a ROM file with large size, therefore it will take long time. Never quit safari while downloading as it will interrupt the whole downloading process.

When the download is done, you will have the option to open the ROM in NDS4iOS. Select it and the game will appear on your emulator.

Final Verdict:

So now you have a perfect tool to use for play Nintendo games and that is “NDS4iOS” for Nintendo game play. If you like these posts then do share it on social media accounts so your all friends will get a source to memorize their childhood.

I am Karan Bhardwaj, A Full-Time Blogger, and Learner. I am contributing here on MirchiTech to share my knowledge with all MirchiTech audience.


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