New Asus ZenFone Go 5.5 Launch In Today India Key Specifications Price And New Features

Asus ZenFone today announced a new version of Geneon Go with a 5.5 inch display in India. The Smartphone has been launched at a price of Rs 8,499. And this is especially available on the Amazon India website. Go Geffen was initially started last year. And the company believes that the main attraction of the Smartphone is elegant design and smart camera.

Asus ZenFone

Smartphones are available in India only in two colors. Which include charcoal black and sheer gold. In the context of the specifications, a new version of Genome Go is 5.5 inches HD IPS display. The company says it is the only combination of beauty and strength. The device also comes with the physical rear key which allows users to adjust. The volume and securely capture.

In addition, the Smartphone is powered by a Qualcomm 8916 quad-core processor with Adriano 306 GPU and 2 GB RAM. The company says that the Asus ZenFone on Gauche 5.5 inch version has a multi-dimensional. Interval-free display and a unique gaming experience enabled. The Smartphone is supported by a 3000 mAh polymer battery which provides a good amount of battery backup.

Genome Go 5.5 provides the perfect audio experience. Asus ZenFone says that the Smartphone comes with a built-in mono speaker and noise cancellation with dual internal micro.

Asus ZenFone Go 5.5 Launch In India Key Specifications

The new version of Jean Phone Go is available on the website of Amazon at a price of Rs 8,499. There are great expectations from the company’s device. Where South Asia Regional Head and ASUS India say, we have always ensured. That we empower our customers with technically advanced specs and excellent, modern design.

In our previous versions of Asus ZenFone Go, it was great that we were able to fulfill the abundant demand. Expand the boundary area. This will help us to ensure that this Smartphone wins our digital life to our consumers all over the country.

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Earlier this year the opening of the CES event of 2017, Asus Jan one 3 zoom goes on sale on Wednesday but to make sure, however, in America. If there are rumors, then soon there is hope to kill Indian beaches. The company has not yet been confirmed. Its predecessor offers Smartphone, genome zoom, excellent photography experience. The battery backup and comes with 5000 mAh battery.

Taiwanese mobile maker ASUS added Geffen Ago 5.5 to its Go series, bought it for Rs. 8,499. The arc-designed device includes a dual-LED real sound flash behind a 5.5-inch HD display, 13 MP rears, and 5 MP front cameras.

South Africa’s regional Chief Peter Angus said. With the immense success of our previous versions of Asus ZenFone Go. It was completely true. That we extend this limit to meet this demand.

The phone has been powered by Qualcomm 8,916 quad-core processor. Adriano 306 GPU and 2 GB RAM, 16 GB on-board memory. Which can be extended up to 128 GB. The device is powered by 3,000 mAh battery. Jen runs with Android 3.0 on the Marshmaho interface.


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