N.O.V.A Legacy Mind-Blowing Game By Gameloft


HI friends, today I will tell you about the N.O.V.A. Legacy. It is the best game to play in Android device. It has a horrible graphics and so many layers. That has a very interesting level and there are different states of each level.

N.O.V.A Legacy

Overall the game seems a new, yet familiar. Many fans are upset that the predecessor in this game, NOVA has fewer quality graphics than 3. But, who tried to install NOVA 3, knows its stringent device requirements and there is a lot of need for storage space. It requires only 20MB to download legacy, and mostly runs on any Android device, even in an older model.

All about N.O.V.A Legacy

More updates are planned for the game, in which the game developers will ask upcoming updates by sending in-gaming surveys to the game developers. Anyone looking for fun, free shooter Nova Legacy should be downloaded. The multiplayer mode alone is pure pleasure only.

If the game is successful, then I think we can expect the reboot of NOVA 2 at some point. But now, all eyes are on upgrades in Nova Legacy.

Master the controls

Nova Like any FPS game, Legacy requires you to aim and shoot your gun. Unfortunately, some people have a hard time controlling their purpose when they come to use a mobile device. It is not as convenient as a mouse on PC or controllers. It’s very easy so you may need to do some study with it.

N.O.V.A Legacy

Make single player missions

By allowing single player missions you will learn more about this game because you will tell you about the many things you need to do first. Think of it as some tutorial tips that you can use later. The second thing is that when you can get rewards for doing this mission, the range of rivals from currency, stars, and others. You do not always need to do a mission but remove them.

Manage your tools

When you handle and manage your tool, those rewards will come in handy. There are some weapons that can be unlocked in game currency or in special currency. There are some who need Stars, they can perform Stars missions and meet certain requirements that kill a number of enemies or your precision percentage and much more. Be sure to change and update your tools when you can.

N.O.V.A Legacy

Change tools in battle and use those grenades

Grenades are products that you can use in battle. Throwing them is damaging a lot in one area but these grenades will come out. Try using it only when you need it and then you can finish it at least one level later and especially using PVP when you are not. When necessary, switch the guns in battle as well as make sure.

There are some guns that pack the fire ship but there are short series and limited ammo in it. Speaking of gourmet, if you go out of it you will get it much more until you need to change the gun. Then be sure to reload before entering the new room to be ready


Nova Heritage has a beautiful single player experience but many people go for the multiplayer aspect. You can do some co-operation, but the end of PVP is where people spend so much time together. When it comes to dealing with PVP, use our tips above, we have a basic team combat mode for your team or are free to choose your game. Remember, the guns do not glow, but when necessary you should get angry and go for the shoot.

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Download and install


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