Nubia M2 Lite Smartphone Review, Detailed And Price


Over the years, Nubia M2 Lite Smartphone brands are about influential design languages and good cameras. The Nokia Z11 Mini was reviewed until Moto G5 did not come with the Plus Plus and was the best in the class camera until last year, and till date, we have the News Zea Z9 mini (review) in our favorite cameras.

Nubia M2 Lite Smartphone

The new Nubira M2 Light indicates its predecessors and which is probably the most competitive price segment in the country today. While working on this review, I get a few things about the Nubia M2 Light which are quite similar, but others who are going to break the full deal. Here’s how things are fired.

Nubia M2 Lite Smartphone Detailed


We have always been impressed with the design philosophy of Nubia M2 Lite Smartphone, while the color scheme of black and gold looks very attractive to some people; it is unique among the sea of similar-looking smartphones. For its credit, Nubia Candy Bar makes the best of design, which makes a phone and looks premium. It’s unlimited metal design looks better and more advanced than most phones in this category.

On the other hand, a child is also slippery over smooth and polished; this phone is in danger of falling out of your hand when pulling it out of the pocket or rising in a hurry. The body slippery is all around, even the side, which makes the phone in your hand unsure, with the fact that it is larger than average, ergonomics does not really have a strong suit of Nubia M2 Lite Smartphone.

You will get a front-button fingerprint sensor cum home button, together with two small red dots on both sides for back and recent functions. The camera is at the top left of the back, with a different red accent around it, and flash beside it. On the back, the Nubia logo is in gold and corresponds to the golden accent that runs along the edges the power off button and volume movement on both sides lie. While a headphone jack and speaker grille are neatly strolled down.

Aesthetic, it is best that you can get less than 13k. But all things are considered, Nebya needs to work on ergonomics. It is a unique looking Smartphone, but which is likely to cause damage due to ergonomics.


When talking about elections, talking about performance is one of the confused ones. The Nubia M2 Lite Smartphone comes with 5.5 inch TFT HD display. In today’s price range, the option of panel type and resolution is almost unknown. Apart from this, while HD resolution can still be done to work, the bad viewing angle of the notice brought with Traffic Technique is a deal breaker.

Nubia M2 Lite

At Nubia M2 Light, you will see a color change from a small angle, and a red color visible on the screen. There is also a lack of glow in search of angles, which makes for a sub-par experience, for a company that is traditionally focused on experience on specifications; it is actually a misleading option.

HD resolution on a 5.5-inch panel brings pixel density to 267 PPI but speaking clearly, you will press hard while keeping the lack of sharpness in mind, though the screen is not really fast, because nowadays we use it. The colors are clearly hot for long while you are looking directly at the display while looking at the black level and vice versa.

Essentially, the TFT panel disputed that despite being less than the ideal resolution; it could have been very good. This is a matter of re-choosing which could have been a commendable display.


While Nubia UI mostly changes for change, there are some features which look good. For example, the light, which is a soft glow that shows when the phone is charging, can be used to do something that symbols are colorful but are also fast and modern. UI is the perfect fit for such a Smartphone.

However, there is a deal breaker in which there are so many permissions to ask the applications of Nubia M2 Lite Smartphone. For example, the Gallery app wants access to your contacts. Similarly, the Flashlight app wants to manage phone calls and record audio, while the calculator wants it Access to that and storage mobile.

Why could I not get any of these reasons for these permissions from the app and I could not think of the same reason not to use it, instead of downloading alternatives like Quickie they also have the necessary permissions, Which means that none of these apps are working, unless you access them. In my book, this permission alone is enough to not recommend anyone on this phone.

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The Nubia UI has also optimized the screenshot, which allows long snapshots, circular, rectangular and so on. In doing so, each time you press the button combination, the screen shows a number of options. At this point, you have to select an option if you press the back or the house instead, the phone does not save the screenshot by default, instead of choosing to delete them, and it is almost like Newbie users have the convenience inspiring to use, even if they do not need it.


And probably none of Nubia’s options are as disappointing as SoC here. Nubia M2 Lite Smartphone runs on Mediate MT6750, Cortex A53 SoC with two OCTA cores, the clock at 1.5GHz and 1.0GHz in a big. LITTLE formation MT6750 enabled Cat6 also offers the amplest data speeds for which users. However, competitors are already playing its Cat13 speed already.

Nubia M2 Lite

More importantly, the speed of regular performance is prone to it. Apps take more time to load and gaming frame rates are low I found Starters in games like WWE Champions. While Asphalt 8 took some time to load and changes and changes were shown in the menu. This is what happens when switching across the UI, from app to app, and opening the camera Even the Facebook app was stuttering during scrolling. Which strengthens the benchmark scores I see here on regular performance.

In practice, the phone is not really as fast as it is, and there is a heating issue to boot. The internal temperature sometimes increases to 50 degrees, which is not ideal for any Smartphone.


The USP of the N2 M2 Light is its front camera. Which has a 16MP sensor at the top of the display? This is an ISOOCL sensor; in which F / 2.0 lenses and front flash (Nubia is called “soft light”). To make the photo faster, Nubia has used pixel binding technology.

However, the camera itself is not something extraordinary, compared to most budget selfie cameras. The skin looks more natural, although the color is still bleached in a child. The most important thing is that the exposure on most stays is in full swing. This can be the result of a combination of two pixels in one, what does the pixel binning technique do. If in fact, the algorithm of the Nebula needs tuning.

For the Budget Safe Camera, it still works. It is also good when shooting in low light, but as far as selfie cameras go, we have seen better.

On the other hand, the rear camera is best sub-crossed. While shooting on the road, the noise level is high, while low light shots typically produce unauthorized colors. The colors in the colors are slightly lower, but they are specific when shooting in low light. Together, neither the camera is worth writing about the house.


On the day-to-day use, the Nubia M2 Lite Smartphone lays down for a working day by killing industry standard standards. Although we cannot consider this good battery life. It offers the most Smartphone. With about 45 minutes of gaming, you get the gallery above, 10 phone calls, many rear camera shots watching in many social networking and texts, and with only one hour of video streaming. The Nubia M2 Lite for about 10 hours the single charge was set during this period. The screen brightness was set to Auto.

PC Mark battery test lasts for 8 hours and 46 minutes. Which is also fine with our regular usage tests. Battery life on the Nubia M2 Lite Smartphone is decent, but not exceptional.


Speaking privately, I have been a fan of Nubia instruments over the years. In my opinion, the company employs the right balance of design and specifications. Which is a tool leading to it, as far as the overall experience is concerned. Sadly, Nubia M2 Lite Smartphone does not have any of the above. This stylish looking Smartphone continues the prosperous tradition of Nubia. But there is a lot of agreement to recommend that all. This is brought to the table, and as I said above, those mysteriously allow. The apps to be asked are a bargain breaker. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (review) and Honor 6X (review) are a better option.


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