Nubia M2, Z17 Mini 16MP Front Cameras launching in India Soon


Nubia M2 and Z7 mini smartphones are being launched soon in India, close sources of the company have confirmed. Nubia M2 Z17 Mini Both devices have dual-camera configurations and are to be launched by June. In fact, our sources have confirmed that the Nubia Z-17 will be launched this month.

Nubia M2 Z17 Mini

While the New Zealand M2 will be followed, 45 days after the Z17 mini. The Z17 Mini is a mid-range device, which costs Rs. Down from 25,000, although we do not have a confirmation of what the exact value will be. On the other hand, the Nubia M2 is a more premium device, which costs around Rs. 30,000.

Both devices have already been launched in China, so the specification is easily available. There is a 13 MP dual-camera setup on the back of the NZIA 22 Mini and Snapdragon runs on the 652 society. There is also a snapdragon 653 version.

Nubia M2 Z17 Mini Dual-Rear Cameras Launching In India Soon

Although we still do not know whether Newby a will launch that device in India. The Nokia Z17 Mini also has 1080 G 5.2 inch display and 4 GB RAM, which has 64 GB of storage. Snapdragon 653 Variants Sports 6 GB RAM and the same storage. Both have micro-SD card slots, which support up to 256GB. Smartphone has a 2950 mAh battery.

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In addition, the Nubia M2 also has a dual camera setup of 13 MPs, in which a sensor has to capture color information, while the second click device in Monochrome runs on Snapdragon 625 and has a super AMOLED display panel, with 1080p resolution And the size of 5.5 inches.

We recently reviewed the language designated on this Nubia M2 Light. The Nubia M2 has a large battery, which has the capability of 3,630 mAh and Android Marshawn 6.0.1 M2 and Z2 mini runs.

Interestingly, dual-rear cameras focus here, while the two smartphones have 16 MP front-facing cameras. Therefore, they are starting the sale-driven market in the country compared to the day.


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